Long time no see, ey?

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Nothing new really. Not been playing so much. Not done much at all to be honest. Just checking out if some of the updates I've downloaded has fixed some of the bugs and errors on the site. I hope so.

I picked up Skyrim again, modded it and all. There are some new and decent mods out so the game feels fresh again.

Every now and then I grind PUBG with Sasa and I'm waiting for Kingdome Come: Deliverance to get patched enough to be playable again.  

H1Z1 King of the Kill update and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

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Since it was an eternity, or osmething similiar, since I last updated I have actually forgotten how things ended in KOTK pre-season 4, but I'm pretty sure I managed to grind my way to a platinum or diamond placement. And shortly there after I kind of gave up on KOTK since my friends started to play Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG. Strange enough, my scores doesn't seem to be on the KOTK page so I can't really check my rating on pre-season 4. Pre-season 5, I don't want to talk about it but I don't think I will get a ranking there. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds on the other hand, well, I kind of suck but it's a good game. First time playing it I had 3 kills and I guess that got me hooked. Normally, I don't do so well, the game is much harder than KOTK in many aspects. It's a way more technical game, but also so much more challenging and fun. Most of the time I try to play it with friends though since group combat is so much more fun! My ranking in PUBG, very low. But I have fun which is all that matters! In group combat I've had a few victories, solo I've ended as number two 2 times I think. So no "Winner winner chicken dinner" for me as a solo player.

So close to getting ranked in KOTK!

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I played a couple of games yesterday. My shot was ON! Well, maybe not, but I did pretty well. One 2nd place for example. I could have won if I hadn't crashed into some junk in a freaking crater. But to be honest, I think the other guy was the better player here so he deserved a win. Anyway. Counting my scores right now, it would seem I qualify for a gold ranking, maybe tier 3. So where I end up as my first ranking in season 4 depends on how well I do in my 10th game this pre-season. If I win I will most definatly be Platinum, if not, I will be gold. I'm fine with gold. The second season I had to grind a lot to leave the good rank behind me. I decided not to play the last game since I started to play bad in the end. Better leave it for another day! I'm in no rush, but I will have to grind it out until I become Diamond again.

To be the King of the Kill (pre-season 4 has begun)

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I havn't had the time/fortitude/will to update here for a while. I don't even think I've mentioned that I've been playing this excellent and challenging game from Daybreak Games. I'm of course talking about H1Z1 King of the Kill. I started late in pre-season 1 and the reason why I started playing was because of a friend. I ended up at Silver Tier Division 2 as number 37891. My best game landed me on a 4th place and a grand total of 33 kills over the season. When pre-season 2 started I set my aims a bit higher. I was aiming to place myself at Platinum Tier, I thought that would be a realistic goal. I ended up way higher than that! When pre-season 2 ended I was Diamond Tier Division 5 with 2 wins and 3rd placement as the "worst" in my top 10 games and 114 kills. Position 9785 for me. Not to shabby. Pre-season 3 started in about the same time that my daughter was born so I didn't have much time to play, but I figured I should be able to reach Diamond Tier. I managed to get 1 win and ended up on position 39068 in Diamond Tier Division 4. 60 kills. Almost 20% of my games I ended in the top 10 so I'm okay with that. So far I'm unranked in preseason 4, I have only played 2 games and ended on 7th place both times. I don't have much time to play but each game counts! The goal for this pre-season is of course Diamond Tier again. Any Division will do for me. But I want a consistent leaderboard score as a Diamond tier. BUT, I'm not really a Diamond Tier player, I don't really hold that high quality in my gaming. FPS games has never really been my thing, but I can grind and stay alive long enough to reach the better positions. And sometimes I kill players that are better than me! I think I'm more suited to be a gold or maybe platinum player, probably gold tier. 😉 And all I wanted was to play duos or group games from the beginning, but to be able to match my co-players I need to train a bit.

Back at Skyrim again

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I'm back at playing Skyrim again. Fallout 4 turned out to be a bore with a un-interesting story in Far Harbor. Made me not wanna try the Nuka World DLC because it just felt like Bleh! 😛 To be honest I havn't been playing much Skyrim either, I've spent like 2-3 weeks just trying to mod it up to be playable, downloading mods and stuff. It takes time when you have a child. Then I started working on 2-3 mods of my own as well.
  1. A playerhome/dungeon for evil aligned characters.
  2. Some enhencements around the Whiterun area to remind you of the civil war. Here I'm exploring my skills with creating NPC's as well and give them some purpose.
I have always been a RealVision guy, love that ENB but this time I wanted to try something else. I've always enjoyed other peoples screenshots taken with the Grim & Somber ENB so I thought I should give it a try. And so far it have turned out pretty good. Way over my expectations really. And it was fairly easy to install as well. Below is a screenshot of one of my mods with the Grim & Somber Vaermina ENB preset. It looks pretty good I must say!

HITMAN – Elusive Target #13 – The Ex-Dictator – How I did it!

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A new elusive target, just days after the 6th chapter is released. I havn't even had the time yet to try out the Hokkaido map. But enough about that. For the first time in this Hitman game I get a target that is truly believable. The other targets, with Jordan Cross as an exception, has felt a bit like the James Bond villains. A little bit too much to be true. But this, an dictator that has been embezzling his country for years now lives out his last days in luxuary in exile. Hated by his people, but un-reachable, until now! Agent 47 is on the job! Speaking of Jordan Cross, this takes place in the Bangkok map which is nice. It has some nice level design and interesting layout, even though it's also kind of restrictive in it's own way. But there is variety on how you can go about things which I think is good! I started up the mission and just ran around scouting a bit and saw a bunch of opportunities. I pretty quickly came up with a plan after having followed them around for a while. The golddigging wife would be an easy target to snipe out on the terrace and the ex-dictator shoud be a fairly easy target in the room where he makes his calls. Many variables in a mission where you are allowed no saves. So I started looking for other options. The best option to get them both at the same time would be when they sat down on the couch together. And this is where I joind the fire extinguisher/breach charge club for real. It's just simply the easiest way to do it. It's the least risk involved and I do really want to complete this mission! So said and done. I started in 47's suit with a breach carge smuggled in. Ran out, grabbed the fire extinguisher, ran down to the couch behind the guards, placed the FE and the breaching charges. Ran to the bottom of the stairs and waited for the happy couple to sit down. Boom! Head to nearest exit. Also, this was my first elusive target unlock! Yey! 🙂  

Fallout 4 DLC #10 Sometimes I hate this game!

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After hauling ass back to Far Harbor, bartering for supplies and then back to my base emptying my pockets, restocking what I needed I was ready for The Far Harbor Grand Hotel. I looked at the map and decided to follow the road to the hotel. But quite soon I got distracted by a derelict building at the side of the road. I entered, found some minor loot, ammo and other stuff. I found a dead trapper on a bed, looted what I could from him. And then, suddenly I heard gun fire and noticed bullets hitting close to me. It was an ambush. I saw people running towards me from the bushes on the other side of the road, and some coming from somewhere I could not see. Great! This did not go according to plan, a desperate fight with molotovs raining down on me and me running for cover. I managed to snipe two of them, then they rushed me again. Turned out I had managed to snipe the two guys with guns. I managed to jump onto a cliff and from there I could easily take care of the remaining meleer's that had been so troublesome for me just a few moments earlier. I quickly looted their corpses, went over to the bushes from where some had attacked me and found a small outpost. It provided me with some ammo and stimpacks. Then I continued along the road to find yet another trapper stronghold. This time I had the jump on them. I managed to pick off 3 of them before they realized what was happening. The forth trapper fell quickly even though he bravely stormed towards me. He died in a haul of bullets. Looting this fort was interesting. 4 mini nukes was the best loot in a long time! Now it was not far to the Grand Hotel and since I had passed by it earlier I knew there were super mutants present so I was careful. There were plenty of guards on the outside but I managed to pick them off one by one without triggering the whole lot of them. After the outside was secured it was time to go inside. Turned out that the inside was not as well defended as I thought it should be. Turned out to be easy pickings. And easy looting. Nothing remarkable, mostly replenishing my aids and ammo, but also some well needed items containing screws and the like since I need screws for my weapon modifications. From here it's not too far to the Vim! Pop Factory and since my success at the hotel I felt I should give it a try. I went down to southwest Harbor, found a place to sleep/save and then continued to the factory ground. I met some light resistance at the front gates. Nothing I could not handle. Then I followed the road down past the parking decks and towards some kind of load bridge guarded by 3 mutant hounds. They proved to be no problem either. But I found myself in a bad spot. High up above there was a super mutant with a rocket launcher. And he killed me. So I had to restart from where I had saved, do the front door again, clear out the dogs, try to snipe the super mutant with the rocket launcher. He never die with just one shot! But I die from only one rocket. I tried to go around and take him out from behind. That did not work out very well either. Plus, he had a nasty suicidal friend that always want to play with me while I don't want to play with him! I think I spent like 4-5 hours with just the outside trying to clear the outside before entering. I really hate redoing things like this over and over again. And many times when I died it was due to these invisible walls you find every now and then. Fighting my way through the inside of the office, clearing out the headquarters first with the CEO's office, learning about some plot and the troubles the Vim! factory was having. Then finally I entered the factory itself and finally I got some kind of reward from all the dying earlier. A new smashing Vim! painted power armor! Turns out the power armor would come in handy because when I finally unlocks the final door, a giant blast-door looking door to what I thought was the loading bay, a huge monster rushed at me. The super mutants had some kind of leader, but he got locked up in there because he seemed unreasonable or something. It was one of those behemoths that you could find in the wasteland. Throwing rocks at you. smashing you with their club made out of a traffic light and a water post? Without the power armor I would not have lasted for long, that's for sure! I found myself a save spot to stand in and from there I could throw grenades at him until he finally died. There was huge piles of loot to be had, and once again I was lucky I had the power armor since I would have to go two times to carry it all. I stopped by in Acadia to do some bartering, turned out I also got a new quest, so I checked if there was any other quests still to do in Acadia. Turned out I need to help Chase with something so I talked to her. I don't really like synths, I don't like the Institute either but synths feels so, I don't know, boring but I still want to do the quests so I end up being quite sarcastic towards them in the meanwhile and during conversations. I also don't really care about their emotions and so on, I do things because I want to. So I need to find this synth that did not arrive, and obviously there is a synth called Victoria that is not Victoria but is Jule. I need to figure this out. Turns out I need to go back to the boat where I found the memory banks earlier. Well, that will have to wait because I still carry a lot of nice loot. So back to Far Harbor, talking to the guy in the general store I get info about the synth that never arrived. He points me in the right direction. Then I ran back to my base to store my new shiny power armor and I also build a walkway for easier access to my little settlement. Turns out I miss the materials to finish the lightning of the walkway so I need to get some more stuff to scrap. Or buy a shipment of steel. Back to Far Harbor, need to buy antibiotics since I seem to be sick. The doctor have just one and that won't do. I also talk to Cassie Dalton and finds out that her husband was killed by some trappers that resides in the south. So for now it seem like I have a bunch of quests that needs to be done before I go and drink from that radioactive pond. I also found me a shiny piece of chest armor as you can see below! I rest until morning and sets off in the early morning. I run and I run until I finally reach the southern parts, I avoid Northwood Ridge Quarry and head straight for Brook's Head Lighthouse. The fog makes it hard to scout the area, but I get a glimpse of a few sentries at least. My plan? Snipe what I can, then it's just full on I guess. I managed to snipe one before everyone and their mothers were hot on my tail. but I came out victorious! And I even got to climb the stairs of the lighthouse without any hassle. The trapper leader was not to fond of me disturbing his very important trapper business and he opened fire at me as soon as he saw me. I did the same thing. And managed to survive with just a sliver of life left. tons of nice loot to have up in the lighthouse. This place would make for a cool settlement. I also found out of some loot stash in the water so down to the makeshift dock I went. I found two more trappers down there, and since I found them and not the other way around I was once again victorious. I also found the secret stash and looted it. And on my way back I saw a small shed containing a power armor frame. Nice, because I was almost overloaded. I decided it was time to head back home again. I stopped by the boat where I found the hard drives and looted the locked chest. As I already mentioned, Jule is Victoria, now I just need to prove it. So I head back to Acadia and checks the terminal in the basement and it turns out that I was right. So now I just walks around and spill the beans to everyone about Jule. Cog want to keep it a secret, but I refuse, then he is like always and we barter a bit. Then I talk to Jule who get's angry and leaves and gives me a key to her strongbox. I loot it and trade away the stuff from it. Then I talk to Faraday who want me to keep it a secret and reveals that Jule don't want to talk to him. Hehe.. I'm being an asshole! On my way from Acadia back to Far Harbor I took the detour to the area where the missing synth were supposed to hide. He were nowhere to be seen but tracks led me towards the Azalea area, an area I have avoided so far because I think it will be part of the main story later on. I might be wrong on this. Anyway, I found a house with some trappers who were friendly for once. I talk to them, turns out the missing synth fell victim for a couple of cannibals. Too bad. Well, I don't like synths, but I don't like trappers either so I chuck a grenade inside the house and then shoot the one survivor of my ambush. No great loots to be had here. I decide to scout the area a bit and found some wrecked boats, some ammo and stimpacks, further along the coast I find a derelict house with a glowing one inside. Easy pickings when you're sitting in a safe spot. And then I found some more trappers on the beach. I snipe them and one of them ends up like this, un-lootable. Great! But it was kind of funny! 🙂

HITMAN – Elusive Target #12 – The Fixer – How I did it!

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2 elusive targets in a row spells luck for me. Since I failed ET#11 I kind of need this one I would like to think. After a scouting run to see what he does I came up with a bunch of ideas on how to do things.
  • Electrecution in the park.
  • Chandelier drop in either stairs or great hall.
  • Throw of balcony.
  • Some kind of accident on the porch.
I went for the electrecution in the park since this ET felt way to easy and I just wanted to get over with it. Fix the plug, wait for him to make his call, dismiss his escort and then start walking back. Throw a coin about here and he will walk into the water and die. Horribly! When the deed is done, just walk to the closest exit. I managed to rank myself at place 224, but I guess a lot of people will come up with quicker ways that will push me down a bit! Anyway. Easy ET. This scores me 3 ET's, so it's not so far until first unlock for ET's.

Fallout 4 DLC’s # 9 Exploring the north part of the island

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Setting out in nice weather for once made things easier. When there is fog everywhere it's really hard to see things in front of you. getting rushed by ghouls or other monsters is quite easy when you don't see too well. But with clear weather it's nice for once! But why on earth would anything stay nice? As soon as I stepped outside the former city limits the weather quite quickly turned into the normal fog again. I followed the road north and soon I found a small trapper encampment. Or, they found me! Bullets started to fly, I dodged, I hid, I brought out my sniper rifle and managed to shoot one of them. How many were they? 3? 4? I don't know. Someone is coming through the bushes. One of them had flanked me rushing at me with a machete? Or maybe a meat hook? Not time to react. I shoot him with my gun and he drops dead right at my feet. Someone hits me from the side, or from behind. I don't know. I was double flanked obviously! I ran away in a random direction, turn around and starts shooting. No one there! I start laughing because I start thinking of how the super mutants says: Huh?! No one there?!  A movement to my right! Yet another trapper. This time I'm ready. I turn towards him or her and fire. He's dead. Seems like most trappers are male. When I think of it, I don't think I've seen one female trapper so far. Let's not linger here, there might be more. I sneak towards the derelict house they seemed to come from. I think it was all. 3 of them. Some minor loot, nothing note worthy really. I continue following the road and soon I find a truck with a very interesting load. A power armor! Some kind of odd lime green color and Vim! on it! I decide to leave it there for the moment. I don't really like power armors, they kind of feel too big and sneaking in a power armor is a total laugh. It kind of breaks immersion. But I do like jumping from heights with it. Love the "heavy impact" sound and the shaking ground. Anyway, the power armor stays where it is for now. I continue north, it seems the road bends a bit to the west now. I soon find a place called Dalton's Farm. This also happens to be a place where I'm supposed to kill some kind of monster, a fog crawler I think it is. The huge cray-fish looking one! But it's getting dark and I don't feel like fighting it in the dark since I think it's quite dangerous. I have to camp out the night, but first I need to find some kind of safe space. A huge pile of debris became my temporary home. And in the morning I was prepared for a big fight! Thing is. I could stay on the pile and shoot the damn thing from there. Over and over and over. It would mostly react like giants in Skyrim when you shoot them with a bow from a place where they could not get to you. They would run away until you stepped down, then they would come rushing back. Rinse and repeat. Same tactics works here. Boring, but safe. so I step down and bring out my gun instead and wait. I need to empty my mag in it once and then reload and shoot some more until it finally dies. Quest updated, need to talk to that Dalton woman again. No time for that now though. I have an island to explore. I continue west and happens upon a new trapper base. This time it's me who has the upper hand. I can quickly pick them off one by one with my sniper rifle. The loot is nothing great, but some supplies and drugs finds a new owner: me! Soon I found a place called the Oceanarium. It's inhabited by more trappers that dies quickly. Nothing great to be had there either. But my shooting seem to have awaken some kind of huge and terrible monster. First I see a bus flying around until I realize it's a gigantic hermit crab. I decide it's time for me to leave, and that quickly! I kind of retreat without a thought once again and soon finds me in a calmer area. Calmer in the sense that it's not inhabited by giant monsters. Eagle's Cove Tannery becomes my refuge. I rather fight ghouls than those other... things! I quickly clear this place and manage to find power tools which is needed by The Mariner back in Far Harbor. I had totally forgotten about that mission to find those. Well, problem solved! Once I step outside I'm approached by a guy called Machete Mike who wants to buy the power tools off me. I decline the offer, mostly because if you go by the name Machete Mike you're probably just a dork and the caps he was offering didn't feel like it was worth it anyway. I can make that money quite quickly and at the moment I don't have anything special I need to buy anyway. I turn back towards the east coast of the island and run into Aldersea Day Spa which is under super mutant control. This location provides me with little resistance from the super mutants. I have a feeling I've learned to take care of them now. Snipe them from far away and if they come close, a few quick shots from my gun is the trick. Good loot is to be had here, but nothing that really stands out. On my map I can see another interesting location, the National Park HQ. I start heading in that direction. More super mutants. A lot more to be honest. And one suicide bomber. They don't spot me so I manage to advance myself into a good sniping position. I can see the suicider through a window and it seems like he has 2 friends with him in that location. I can also see his hand in which he holds the nuke. Hehe... One shot, 3 down. The others of course becomes very upset by this so a minor chaos occurs. I survive the shoot out mostly because there is only 1 or 2 super mutants with guns, the rest is melee or mutant hounds which is quite easy to deal with even in close quarters. More stimpacks, some drugs,  food, water and some junk. And nuclear material. Hehe. It started to get darker while I was looting the place and soon it became really dark and hard to navigate. My aim was to get to the National Park Visitors Center but I managed to get side-tracked multiple times. Thanks to one of my mods nights becomes pitch black and to see anything is really hard. I decided to wait it out. After a while I felt bored so I tried to find my way anyway. The compass in Survival Mode only show which direction I'm moving, no quest markers or so, so I managed to walk right past the NP Visitors Center twice before I got there. And I was quite lucky too since the ground was littered with mines that I managed to avoid somehow. Those I saw in daylight. I noticed I had some memory drives in my inventory and decided to return them to Faraday in Acadia on my way back to Far Harbor. He was not to over enthusiastic since I didn't bring him 3 and then I choose the wrong dialogue option so I guess I missed the chance to go back to the locked chest. But hey, that happens when you play on survival mode. No second chances! I decided to continue exploring and went to the south, towards the Old Pond house. I continued further south and came upon a clever made fort built on two rocks overlooking the road below. The fort was inhabited by trappers and they did not see me coming! I sniped a few of them before I approached and could calmly loot the first part of the mini fort. Then I started walking over the bridge when someone opened fire at me. I had obviously missed one. Then fire from a second source hit me so I sprinted over the bridge and draw my pistol. Bang! Bang! Bang! Or rather Phewgh! Phewgh!Phewgh! since it's a silenced pistol. I got lucky in this fight too. I live to fight another day! Looting the place was nice, I got a nice stockpile of supplies, ammo and medics. Then I turned east and quite quickly came across something that looked huge and infested with super mutants. I think that would be Harbor Grand Hotel. But that will be another adventure because now it's time to drop off stuff and re-equip myself since I'm running out of bullets for my .38 gun.

Fallout 4 DLC’s #8 I have a base!

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Basiclly, what I built is a bunker right behind Old Longfellows house. It required me to use some of my caps to buy a shipment of concrete and one of steel. Scrapping a lot of trees on the island provided me with more wood than I could possibly need. At least for now. I also built a small shack for NPC's if I get the urge to expand the settlement a bit. Most important is some reliable source for food and water. I could build a water purification system but that would probably leave my base vulnerable for attacks. I hope my current build does not attract the wrong kind of attention. This is my bed room. Cozy as ever! Yes, I have one or two mods that affects settlements and provides much more options than vanilla Fallout does. And this is the living room I guess. I just needed some display area for various stuff I pick up. Like Vim and Nuka Cola. And the magazines. Feeling satisfied with the base for now I decided that instead of advancing the main quest I should do some exploring of the island instead. I had my sights set on the northern parts since they are within comfortable reach from where I am. And it seemed like there was going to be good weather to boot!

HITMAN – Elusive Target #11 – How I did not made it!

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So yey! New elusive target, number 11, or the 3rd real shot I had. First I do some recon runs without even doing anything. I follow the fixer from the consulate, I follow him back, I follow the courier around and figure out where the pick up is done and all. And then I put my plan into motion. I was about to re-use my old tactics from the A House Built on Sand and shoot down the sign on the target. I found the perfect spot, I waited, target was in sight, but I figured he had to go the meeting first so I waited a bit more. And then he came back out, I shoot down the sign and it was perfect! Unseen Kill, Accident Kill! I quickly ran down from my view point and started looking for the courier but he was no way to be seen. I started running the route I knew he was using, could not find him. I might have missed him somewhere I thought so I head back to the place where he should do the pick up. But instead of going where I thought he was, he went straight to the school instead. I had to ask on the forums about this, if he would come back or not. So now I had to sneak my way into the school. I used an old trick from previous play throughs of A Gilded Cage to trick the guards. It didn't go 100% according to plan but I managed to sneak past them. Now I begun infiltrating the school which is quite easy to be honest. I quickly found my target and a plan started to form in my head. I need to distract him, lure him away and then subdue and take the diamonds. That's simple enough. Except for, everyone else than the courier was interested in my attempts to lure him away. I ended up getting gunned down in the court yard. I failed this one! But I'll be back again. Next time! 😉

Fallout 4 DLC’s #7 I need a base!

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I seem to get encumbered way to easy. I need some place to call my home. A place where I can dump the stuff I don't need at the moment but will need later! And where is the best place to build a base? I don't want to live close to Children of Atom, religious fanatics. Can't say I prefer the people in Acadia either. The people in Far Harbor is okay, they just want to get by, kind of. Judging by the map I have a settlement close by Far Harbor. Old Longfellows Cabin. Seems fair. Only bad thing is, it's not central in the map but it seem to be good enough. I need to find out! I walked back the same way I came to the Nucleus, back to the road that is. I decided to go north to see some new lands. The road soon became, uhm, broken is the best word to describe it. And ahead of me was more of those giant lizards. I managed to snipe one off, the other one charged right at me but after emptying my mag from my pistil in it it collapsed just in front of me. Luck was on my side again! So far I havn't had to restart from somewhere in a while. I continued on the road until I came upon Eden Meadows Cinema. An exciting place. Filled with ghouls but they seemd preoccupied with the movie on the screen so I could more or less explore the whole area undisturbed. To explore the last part of the cinema I would have to clear the ghouls out somehow. I could try to snipe them from the roof of the building in the middle, but I would probably get stormed quite quickly by them. But I should be able to kill at least 3-4 before they reach me I thought. I could even the odds a bit by throwing a grenade in their midst. That was an even better idea. So throwing a greande and then immediatly starting to fire should do the trick. Almost. I managed to kill half, the other half got inside the building. Another grenade seemed to pacify them but when I started to move towards the door two ghouls lounged at me! That was a "jump scare moment" to be honest. I was preapered that it could happen, I just got surprised that it did. Continuing north from the cinema util the road forked, it was time for me to head east towards Far Harbor. I noticed I didn't have much daylight left and decided I should try to make it as fast as possible to Far Harbor and started running in what I was hoping was a straight line to the east. And it turned out to be, I reached Far Harbor as the last light died. Renting a room and getting a save (by sleeping) felt liek a good move. First thing in the morning I'm going to explore Longfellows Cabin and see what I could do with the place. Turned out that it could be turned into something really good. I'm not sure I want a full scale settlement, I don't simply care about defending the settlement, fixing food, fixing water and defense. I just need a place to put my stuff, and junk. I cleared some area behind the Longfellows cabin of trees to make room for some kind of structure for me. I was thinking a small house with some boxes to store stuff in. And maybe some kind of display shelf for magazines/bobbleheads. Yeah, that should be perfect. And just something more...    

Fallout 4 DLC’s #6 Children of Atom

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Since I had this sence of walking in the wrong direction I decided to go through the cave, it seemed to go in the right direction. Turned out the cave was filled with trappers as well and I had to fight my way through it. The resistance I met wasn't that hard so getting through was easily done. Somewhere along the route I found a sniper rifle with a good scope on, I felt this was a good addition to my arsenal but it also meant I had to leave even more stuff behind since I was more or less encumbered as it were. I decided to drop almost all junk and only save the stuff with a value above 30 caps. After pushing through the cave I found out that it wasn't a dead end, there was an exit at the end and I did end up closer to the Nucleus than I had been before. I started moving west over a mountain and got chased by one of those mutated bears. I walked around a corner and there it was. It was a close call but I got away. And at about the same time a radioactive storm hit, taking some extra radioactive damage since it ends up on top of the damage from the fog. I found a road and decided to follow it south. According to the map in the Pipboy it should be possible to cross over the bay and more or less end on top of the Nucleus just a bit to the south-west. But I followed the road further south instead and ended up in Southwest Harbor and got attacked by both trappers and gastly creatures. But it was not all in vain. I found a place to rest (save) and some good meds/drugs that I can sell later on. When I find someone who is more friendly. On the other side of the bay I could see the Vim! Pop factory looming. I felt the temptation to explore it, there ought to be great stuff to be had in there. I started following the coast in hopes to find a place to cross and eventually I found one too. The place was littered with giant skeletons and junk. And some creatures that looked not so friendly and I was in no mood for more fighting today. I managed to sneak past the creatures, but it was close. The big lizard looking monsters nearly got me locked in but I got away. Only to find something that looked like a settlement and stumbled right into yet another trapper base. Only 2 trappers, but still a very unpleasent surprise. After a short fire fight I was victorius however and the place also provided a bed so I could rest (save) again. I noticed I was running low on supplies like water and food, lucky for me, some of the loot here was water and food. Should keep me going for a while. The Vim! Pop factory turned out to be guarded by super mutants. No thank you sir! I turned around. That is a fight I'm not ready to take yet! I started following the road leading away from the factory, eventually it would turn north and continue north for a while and eventually the Nucleus would pass on the right of the road so it felt like a good bet. Plus, roads feels safer for some reason. I stumbled upon a derelict truck stop, or gas station, something like that. I approached carefully and managed to gun down the 4 ghouls waiting inside before they even got to attack me. Some more food and Nuka Cola plus a bunch of pre-war money was my haul. I walked around the house and found an underground armory with a terminal in it. Turns out someone was plotting to destroy Vim! it seem. And he did mention a power armour, maybe the Vim! factory could be worth a visist anyway? But I cannot afford more distractions at the moment! Neighbouring the house, just to the north was another house inhabited by two super mutants. They found me and started fireing at me so I had to retreat into the woods on the other side of the road. Time to try out my new sniper rifle. Turns out that I could kill super mutants with just 2-3 shots so maybe the factory is within reach after all. But I really need to find the Nucleus first. I continued north and eventually I had the Nucleus on my right hand side, to the east that is. Remembering the Children of the Atom from the Boston wasteland I was vigilant while approaching but the "welcome was peaceful". If you consider someone executing someone else in front of you peacefull. Turns out that I must become one of them to access the Nucleus, so for now I decided to play along. Why does all this feel so familiar? They wanted me to go to a spring and drink from it. By spring I guess they mean some puddle with radioactive water, I'm not sure I'm into that right now. I decided to accept the quest, but to stall it a bit. There are things I need to do first!  

HITMAN – Colorado: Freedom Fighters – How I made it! *Spoiler Alert*

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It is time to wrap up the 5th episode of Hitman and for the first time I did not have a clue on how to go about this mission. All I know is that I have the SA/SO challenges left plus Piano Man and String Quartet. Since I play by the rule of starting point is the original one and the kills should be with the fibre wire I figured that I could need some kind of help along the way. I decided to start with a lockpick in the closest pick up location from my starting point which turned out to be the garden shed. So, let's go! The first move is quite obvious I think, from my starting position I moved into the shed and picked up the lockpick. Then I thought I should try to get Penelope Graves first, she seemed to be the easiest target since she move around so much, there ought to be some good spots for her. So I started to move towards the shed where the injured point man is and infiltrated it, realizing that this was a bad idea. Restart mission. Pick up the lockpick, then I thought I should try to get Sean Rose instead at the explosives area. I did not really have a plan yet, but I could easily sneak past the 3 guys in the garden before I arrived at the explosives area. Soon Sean Rose would enter the area and start his demonstration. I started throwing coins around to lure him away from the prying eyes of the others. It took a bunch of tries before I could get him in a favourable position, but once that was done, he was an easy pick! I dumped his body in the corner, trying to drag it away to the "body box" back along the fence proved to be quite hard without getting seen. Where to now? Maya Pavrati seemed like a good target from where I was, I know it is kind of easy to sneak from the hay shed in the explosives area over to the workshop area and that is what I did. Question is, how can I nab Maya Pavrati without getting seen? There are sheds around that could provide cover but she mostly moves around out in the open. I moved to the shed with an opening to the exterior area, the one with two guards just outside the gate, and a generator facing the yard. I had managed to pick up some tools that I could throw to create a distraction or possibly lure Maya to come closer to me. Throwing stuff around proved to be quite useless since she just commands people around to go investigate so I had to change my plan a bit. Throwing a screwdriver at the Taco-van and waiting for Maya to command the technican to check it out proved to be a good way to do it. Once the guy walked around the van I turned of the generator. This made Maya go and investigate the generator and this is where I made my move. 2 down, 2 more to go! With a little bit of timing I could also hide her body in a nearby locker. So far my improvisation seemed to bear fruit. But what now? I saw on the mini-map that Ezra Berg was on the move to his shed. Maybe this could be the next perfect move for me? Getting to the shed was quite easy, it just demanded some minor distractions for some guards and suddenly I had Ezra within reach. Or so I thought at least. The guard outside the shed was easy to distract, the other guy inside was also easy to get rid of by switching of the power, but once all that was done Ezra was on his way back to his cellar. So the shed turned out to be a dud. But here I am and I need to continue somehow. Time for plan B? Plan B is, uhm... Plan B turned out to be crossing the yard by sneaking alongside the place where the guys are doing target practice, sneaking through the moving trailers, rounding the cars and ending up at the ramp leading up to the farm house. The ramp close to where the scarecrow suit is. Next problem is how to get in. Infiltrating the basement is tricky, but entering through the front door is very easy. Just need to shoot the camera above the door first. Well inside I did not really know what to do except for getting the 3D-print of Sean Roses face. I started to 3D-printer, waited for the hackers to investigate and walk away again, got the printed face and then... I saw Penelope Graves through the windows. She was moving towards my position, lucky me! I quickly ran down the stairs and hid inside the "body box" and waited for her to enter. As soon as she stood in front of the clock I elemintaded her switfly and hid her body in the box. That was almost too easy and to top it off, it was 100% un-planned. The only plan I had had for a while was on how to deal with Ezra Berg in the basement. The basement. I figured the lockpick would come in handy. After hiding the body I simply and baldly walked up to the door and picked the lock and sneaked down. The guard that's always downstairs was an easy target. I subdued him and put him in the "body box", then I hid behind some stuff. Soon Ezra entered the room followed by the guard who hang around the stairs on the outside. My plan was to cut the power forcing the guard to go and investigate, but since I had forgotten to pick up the gun from the guard I had subdued that problem kind of solved itself. Ezra got upset over the gun, told the guard to take care of it, the guard picked up the gun and walked up the stairs to the "guard room" on the upper floor. I was alone with Ezra who met his doom like the previous targets. String Quartet challenge done. From here, the rest is easy. Just present the 3D-printed facemask to the door, look at the clues and exit through the door. This took me about 19 minuted to accomplish and netted me a placement as 1500ish on the leaderboards. Obviously there are quicker ways to do it. I think sniping the targets is the quickest way to do it, but I like it up close and personal. I thought the Howdy Partner and Gunslinger challenges was already sorted out but they got in to the sumary as well.