Hitman – Marrakesh: The Gilded Cage

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Not sure where to start on this one. I've read a lot of critics against the map for instance. People say it's large and confusing, but linear and too simple in it's layout. At a first glance I can agree on that the map is somewhat confusing and I still get lost at occasions trying to find my way around it. Linear, yes and no. The map is mainly made up of 3 sections, the Sisha Cafe, the Swedish consulate and the school area which makes the small alleys and the bazaar not so interesting. I found myself spending most time around these 3 areas, but I think it would be more interesting to let the bazaar and alleys play a major part in the missions. I was surprised that there were so few options for the other areas. I also found it stupid that some of the challenges you needed to create contracts to complete, I still think it should be possible to do them in the main mission. I can see how the developers might think it's a good thing to draw people to the Contracts and Escalations but I think both the Contracts and Escalations hold that strenght on their own and doesn't need poor or bad achievements to draw players to them. I would rather see achievements/challenges specially designed for the Contracts/Escalations then, not connected to the main missions. Oh well, it doesn't seem like there are challanges like that in the Bangkok level. Anyway, I keep using that word quite frequently, right? Anyway... Marrakesh is not an all over bad level, I found it quite challenging in terms of findig the perfect way to do a Silent Assassin/Suit Only run where I could go "up close and personal" like I want to do. After exploring the various Opportunities and doing some improvisations of my own I just found myself finding a hard time killing Reza Zaydan off in a stylish way. Claus Hugo Strandberg on the other hand is more or less way to easy to get to.

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