Hitman – The Icon & A House Built On Sand

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2 of the bonus missions, I think there is a third coming soon. I found these two to be quite entertaining although a bit short. Both made use of already used maps, The Icon used the Sapienza map, re-modelled though to fit the scenario and A House Built On Sand used the Marrakesh map, or parts of it anyway. The Icon A movie is beeing recorded in the main square of Sapienza. The director of the movie is also having the lead role and he is also the target and according to the briefing, somewhat of an asshole. So killing him should be fun, right? Since the map is very limited to the area around the main square there is of course a lot less contents and challenges, but at least they are quality challanges and not the kind that demands setting up contracts to achieve. The Icon is much like Ironman meets Mass Effect Reapers meets Marvel something something. Lots of fun both playing and content wise, comments from NPC's and intresting ways of getting around. *spoiler alert* So, how did I do it then? Well, starting from the only starting point there is I started with the lockpick in hand and then I ran. I ran to the back of the cafe and lockpicked the door to the basement, sneaked my way through the basement to the door in the base of the tower, the door pointing out towards the setting for the movie. If you've found the correct door you should have Bosco's camper on your left. Now you need to distract the guard and the crew member a bit, so toss a coin towards the "FX-base". Now dash for the ladder on the back of the camper. Climb it and drop down in the hatch on the roof. Wait for Dino, strangle him when he enters, take the car keys and climb up the hatch again. Now comes the hardest part. Not getting spotted from any direction. Throw a coin at the door you exited out of the tower, the guard will look that way. Slide down the ladder, run up the stairs behind the camper and walk past the guard at the barricade. Get to Bosco's car and exit the mission like a pro! Yes, I found this to be VERY easy, the hardest part was getting down from the camper. If you want to try another approach, throw a mine through the hatch and blow it once Bosco goes in. You should be able to save a lot of time doing that!   A House Built On Sand A reuse of the Marrakesh map but this time after dark. I found it to be more joyfull to play than the original map mostly because you get to use the streets and the areas around the bazaar instead of confined spaces to your disposal. Plus the map felt more alive in nighttime than in daytime somehow. The main difference between A Gilded Cage and A House Built On Sand is that I think the bonus mission holds a higher quality despite beeing much shorter/smaller. Although finding the perfect assassination-method for Matthieu Mendola was hard, I tried to lure him away into various perfect locations for the old fibre wire but he was hard to charm so I ended up with an accident approach that worked wonders for me. *spoiler alert* My way to success looks like this. Start with emetic poison in your pocket and then make your way to the Sisha Cafe but don't walk inside. Walk to the left until you're outside the bar area, where the waiters are standing. MAke sure noone sees you and climb over the low wall, get the VIP-membership card and climb back out to the street. Now walk inside and get into the VIP area. Make sure Kong Tuo-Kwang is away from the place where he smokes his sisha, poison his sisha and walk out of there. Move towards the bathroom and wait for him to smoke his sisha, get sick and walk to the bathroom. Strangle him while he pukes, stuff his body in the bodybox. We're done here. If you're quick enough you should have plenty of time for Matthie Mendola, but you really don't need much time. Just find the place in the picture above (it's close to the lamp shop), wait for him to stand in the opening and then shoot the neon sign. Walk up to the coprse, get the data-files and then make your escape. This seem to be the fastest way to do it. Silent Assasson with Suit Only.

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