Hitman – Colorado: Freedom Fighters

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The fifth episode in Hitman takes you to Colorado and a mission called Freedom Fighters. This mission is very different from the previous ones in many ways. Not only did some game play changes come into play, but the whole area is considered hostile territory / you are trespassing and the general rule is: shoot first, ask no questions. The mission takes place on a farm populated by some 130 armed "freedom fighters". The map is at first glance quite big and a bit confusing since there seem to be almost like a labyrinth of cultivation boxes scattered in front of the actuall place where you will spend most of the time. Yes, in the end, everything boils down to about one 3rd of the map, or maybe half the map. I've read complaints about the map size contra the content, but if you think about it, most farms are made up by the cultivation area or fields, and then you have the area where you have the barns, repair shops and tool sheds and what not and they use to be concentrated at a pretty small spot compared to the total farm size. So from that point of view I think the map is very well done. Challenge wise, most of them has been quite hard to fullfill, and some I had to take some help form the more crafty people of the interwebs to solve. Some of them I guess I could have figured out after a lot of trial and error, but the Rep Tire challenge I had no clue at all how to solve. Some challenges was strongly linked to the opportunities which I found to be most enjoyable even though I think I spent 2 hours looking for the watch. On the other hand, I feel there could have been more opportunities, five was a bit weak considering there are 4 targets. It's hard to compare the map with others since it's very unlike the others, specially considering it's an all hostile area with no safe zones at all. But if you are carefull and choose your strategy well there are much fun to be had and the best part with the map is all the opportunities you can create on your own. With a bit of patience and planning there are possible accidents around almost every corner. I think the best part with Colorado is the four targets. Two more than on the previous maps, which in the ends becomes double the fun and double the challenge! There are so many different ways to tackle the problems, and so many interesting ways to make the targets meet their death. I was however a bit disappointed that I only found two sniping points so far, maybe there is one more hidden somewhere. The area is packed with accidents waiting to happen, but my goal is of course to use the fibre wire in the end. That is the ultimate hit for me. And all of them, Maya Pavrati, Sean Rose, Penelope Graves and Ezra Berg all have an appointment with 47. I only have a few hours on this map, I'm not even close to completion. I've ended up in so many gun fights on this map, probably the same amount that I have in all the previous maps combined. This map is hostile and unforgiving, fun and challenging in a way the previous maps have not been. And there are plenty of rewards too, a bunch of new unlocks like an concealable baton, a new suit and a emetic syringe for example. And it has one more thing, a Scarecrow suit!

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