HITMAN – Colorado: Freedom Fighters – How I made it! *Spoiler Alert*

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It is time to wrap up the 5th episode of Hitman and for the first time I did not have a clue on how to go about this mission. All I know is that I have the SA/SO challenges left plus Piano Man and String Quartet. Since I play by the rule of starting point is the original one and the kills should be with the fibre wire I figured that I could need some kind of help along the way. I decided to start with a lockpick in the closest pick up location from my starting point which turned out to be the garden shed. So, let's go! The first move is quite obvious I think, from my starting position I moved into the shed and picked up the lockpick. Then I thought I should try to get Penelope Graves first, she seemed to be the easiest target since she move around so much, there ought to be some good spots for her. So I started to move towards the shed where the injured point man is and infiltrated it, realizing that this was a bad idea. Restart mission. Pick up the lockpick, then I thought I should try to get Sean Rose instead at the explosives area. I did not really have a plan yet, but I could easily sneak past the 3 guys in the garden before I arrived at the explosives area. Soon Sean Rose would enter the area and start his demonstration. I started throwing coins around to lure him away from the prying eyes of the others. It took a bunch of tries before I could get him in a favourable position, but once that was done, he was an easy pick! I dumped his body in the corner, trying to drag it away to the "body box" back along the fence proved to be quite hard without getting seen. Where to now? Maya Pavrati seemed like a good target from where I was, I know it is kind of easy to sneak from the hay shed in the explosives area over to the workshop area and that is what I did. Question is, how can I nab Maya Pavrati without getting seen? There are sheds around that could provide cover but she mostly moves around out in the open. I moved to the shed with an opening to the exterior area, the one with two guards just outside the gate, and a generator facing the yard. I had managed to pick up some tools that I could throw to create a distraction or possibly lure Maya to come closer to me. Throwing stuff around proved to be quite useless since she just commands people around to go investigate so I had to change my plan a bit. Throwing a screwdriver at the Taco-van and waiting for Maya to command the technican to check it out proved to be a good way to do it. Once the guy walked around the van I turned of the generator. This made Maya go and investigate the generator and this is where I made my move. 2 down, 2 more to go! With a little bit of timing I could also hide her body in a nearby locker. So far my improvisation seemed to bear fruit. But what now? I saw on the mini-map that Ezra Berg was on the move to his shed. Maybe this could be the next perfect move for me? Getting to the shed was quite easy, it just demanded some minor distractions for some guards and suddenly I had Ezra within reach. Or so I thought at least. The guard outside the shed was easy to distract, the other guy inside was also easy to get rid of by switching of the power, but once all that was done Ezra was on his way back to his cellar. So the shed turned out to be a dud. But here I am and I need to continue somehow. Time for plan B? Plan B is, uhm... Plan B turned out to be crossing the yard by sneaking alongside the place where the guys are doing target practice, sneaking through the moving trailers, rounding the cars and ending up at the ramp leading up to the farm house. The ramp close to where the scarecrow suit is. Next problem is how to get in. Infiltrating the basement is tricky, but entering through the front door is very easy. Just need to shoot the camera above the door first. Well inside I did not really know what to do except for getting the 3D-print of Sean Roses face. I started to 3D-printer, waited for the hackers to investigate and walk away again, got the printed face and then... I saw Penelope Graves through the windows. She was moving towards my position, lucky me! I quickly ran down the stairs and hid inside the "body box" and waited for her to enter. As soon as she stood in front of the clock I elemintaded her switfly and hid her body in the box. That was almost too easy and to top it off, it was 100% un-planned. The only plan I had had for a while was on how to deal with Ezra Berg in the basement. The basement. I figured the lockpick would come in handy. After hiding the body I simply and baldly walked up to the door and picked the lock and sneaked down. The guard that's always downstairs was an easy target. I subdued him and put him in the "body box", then I hid behind some stuff. Soon Ezra entered the room followed by the guard who hang around the stairs on the outside. My plan was to cut the power forcing the guard to go and investigate, but since I had forgotten to pick up the gun from the guard I had subdued that problem kind of solved itself. Ezra got upset over the gun, told the guard to take care of it, the guard picked up the gun and walked up the stairs to the "guard room" on the upper floor. I was alone with Ezra who met his doom like the previous targets. String Quartet challenge done. From here, the rest is easy. Just present the 3D-printed facemask to the door, look at the clues and exit through the door. This took me about 19 minuted to accomplish and netted me a placement as 1500ish on the leaderboards. Obviously there are quicker ways to do it. I think sniping the targets is the quickest way to do it, but I like it up close and personal. I thought the Howdy Partner and Gunslinger challenges was already sorted out but they got in to the sumary as well.  

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