Fallout 4 DLC’s #6 Children of Atom

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Since I had this sence of walking in the wrong direction I decided to go through the cave, it seemed to go in the right direction. Turned out the cave was filled with trappers as well and I had to fight my way through it. The resistance I met wasn't that hard so getting through was easily done. Somewhere along the route I found a sniper rifle with a good scope on, I felt this was a good addition to my arsenal but it also meant I had to leave even more stuff behind since I was more or less encumbered as it were. I decided to drop almost all junk and only save the stuff with a value above 30 caps. After pushing through the cave I found out that it wasn't a dead end, there was an exit at the end and I did end up closer to the Nucleus than I had been before. I started moving west over a mountain and got chased by one of those mutated bears. I walked around a corner and there it was. It was a close call but I got away. And at about the same time a radioactive storm hit, taking some extra radioactive damage since it ends up on top of the damage from the fog. I found a road and decided to follow it south. According to the map in the Pipboy it should be possible to cross over the bay and more or less end on top of the Nucleus just a bit to the south-west. But I followed the road further south instead and ended up in Southwest Harbor and got attacked by both trappers and gastly creatures. But it was not all in vain. I found a place to rest (save) and some good meds/drugs that I can sell later on. When I find someone who is more friendly. On the other side of the bay I could see the Vim! Pop factory looming. I felt the temptation to explore it, there ought to be great stuff to be had in there. I started following the coast in hopes to find a place to cross and eventually I found one too. The place was littered with giant skeletons and junk. And some creatures that looked not so friendly and I was in no mood for more fighting today. I managed to sneak past the creatures, but it was close. The big lizard looking monsters nearly got me locked in but I got away. Only to find something that looked like a settlement and stumbled right into yet another trapper base. Only 2 trappers, but still a very unpleasent surprise. After a short fire fight I was victorius however and the place also provided a bed so I could rest (save) again. I noticed I was running low on supplies like water and food, lucky for me, some of the loot here was water and food. Should keep me going for a while. The Vim! Pop factory turned out to be guarded by super mutants. No thank you sir! I turned around. That is a fight I'm not ready to take yet! I started following the road leading away from the factory, eventually it would turn north and continue north for a while and eventually the Nucleus would pass on the right of the road so it felt like a good bet. Plus, roads feels safer for some reason. I stumbled upon a derelict truck stop, or gas station, something like that. I approached carefully and managed to gun down the 4 ghouls waiting inside before they even got to attack me. Some more food and Nuka Cola plus a bunch of pre-war money was my haul. I walked around the house and found an underground armory with a terminal in it. Turns out someone was plotting to destroy Vim! it seem. And he did mention a power armour, maybe the Vim! factory could be worth a visist anyway? But I cannot afford more distractions at the moment! Neighbouring the house, just to the north was another house inhabited by two super mutants. They found me and started fireing at me so I had to retreat into the woods on the other side of the road. Time to try out my new sniper rifle. Turns out that I could kill super mutants with just 2-3 shots so maybe the factory is within reach after all. But I really need to find the Nucleus first. I continued north and eventually I had the Nucleus on my right hand side, to the east that is. Remembering the Children of the Atom from the Boston wasteland I was vigilant while approaching but the "welcome was peaceful". If you consider someone executing someone else in front of you peacefull. Turns out that I must become one of them to access the Nucleus, so for now I decided to play along. Why does all this feel so familiar? They wanted me to go to a spring and drink from it. By spring I guess they mean some puddle with radioactive water, I'm not sure I'm into that right now. I decided to accept the quest, but to stall it a bit. There are things I need to do first!  

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