Fallout 4 DLC’s #7 I need a base!

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I seem to get encumbered way to easy. I need some place to call my home. A place where I can dump the stuff I don't need at the moment but will need later! And where is the best place to build a base? I don't want to live close to Children of Atom, religious fanatics. Can't say I prefer the people in Acadia either. The people in Far Harbor is okay, they just want to get by, kind of. Judging by the map I have a settlement close by Far Harbor. Old Longfellows Cabin. Seems fair. Only bad thing is, it's not central in the map but it seem to be good enough. I need to find out! I walked back the same way I came to the Nucleus, back to the road that is. I decided to go north to see some new lands. The road soon became, uhm, broken is the best word to describe it. And ahead of me was more of those giant lizards. I managed to snipe one off, the other one charged right at me but after emptying my mag from my pistil in it it collapsed just in front of me. Luck was on my side again! So far I havn't had to restart from somewhere in a while. I continued on the road until I came upon Eden Meadows Cinema. An exciting place. Filled with ghouls but they seemd preoccupied with the movie on the screen so I could more or less explore the whole area undisturbed. To explore the last part of the cinema I would have to clear the ghouls out somehow. I could try to snipe them from the roof of the building in the middle, but I would probably get stormed quite quickly by them. But I should be able to kill at least 3-4 before they reach me I thought. I could even the odds a bit by throwing a grenade in their midst. That was an even better idea. So throwing a greande and then immediatly starting to fire should do the trick. Almost. I managed to kill half, the other half got inside the building. Another grenade seemed to pacify them but when I started to move towards the door two ghouls lounged at me! That was a "jump scare moment" to be honest. I was preapered that it could happen, I just got surprised that it did. Continuing north from the cinema util the road forked, it was time for me to head east towards Far Harbor. I noticed I didn't have much daylight left and decided I should try to make it as fast as possible to Far Harbor and started running in what I was hoping was a straight line to the east. And it turned out to be, I reached Far Harbor as the last light died. Renting a room and getting a save (by sleeping) felt liek a good move. First thing in the morning I'm going to explore Longfellows Cabin and see what I could do with the place. Turned out that it could be turned into something really good. I'm not sure I want a full scale settlement, I don't simply care about defending the settlement, fixing food, fixing water and defense. I just need a place to put my stuff, and junk. I cleared some area behind the Longfellows cabin of trees to make room for some kind of structure for me. I was thinking a small house with some boxes to store stuff in. And maybe some kind of display shelf for magazines/bobbleheads. Yeah, that should be perfect. And just something more...    

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