HITMAN – Elusive Target #11 – How I did not made it!

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So yey! New elusive target, number 11, or the 3rd real shot I had. First I do some recon runs without even doing anything. I follow the fixer from the consulate, I follow him back, I follow the courier around and figure out where the pick up is done and all. And then I put my plan into motion. I was about to re-use my old tactics from the A House Built on Sand and shoot down the sign on the target. I found the perfect spot, I waited, target was in sight, but I figured he had to go the meeting first so I waited a bit more. And then he came back out, I shoot down the sign and it was perfect! Unseen Kill, Accident Kill! I quickly ran down from my view point and started looking for the courier but he was no way to be seen. I started running the route I knew he was using, could not find him. I might have missed him somewhere I thought so I head back to the place where he should do the pick up. But instead of going where I thought he was, he went straight to the school instead. I had to ask on the forums about this, if he would come back or not. So now I had to sneak my way into the school. I used an old trick from previous play throughs of A Gilded Cage to trick the guards. It didn't go 100% according to plan but I managed to sneak past them. Now I begun infiltrating the school which is quite easy to be honest. I quickly found my target and a plan started to form in my head. I need to distract him, lure him away and then subdue and take the diamonds. That's simple enough. Except for, everyone else than the courier was interested in my attempts to lure him away. I ended up getting gunned down in the court yard. I failed this one! But I'll be back again. Next time! 😉

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