Fallout 4 DLC’s # 9 Exploring the north part of the island

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Setting out in nice weather for once made things easier. When there is fog everywhere it's really hard to see things in front of you. getting rushed by ghouls or other monsters is quite easy when you don't see too well. But with clear weather it's nice for once! But why on earth would anything stay nice? As soon as I stepped outside the former city limits the weather quite quickly turned into the normal fog again. I followed the road north and soon I found a small trapper encampment. Or, they found me! Bullets started to fly, I dodged, I hid, I brought out my sniper rifle and managed to shoot one of them. How many were they? 3? 4? I don't know. Someone is coming through the bushes. One of them had flanked me rushing at me with a machete? Or maybe a meat hook? Not time to react. I shoot him with my gun and he drops dead right at my feet. Someone hits me from the side, or from behind. I don't know. I was double flanked obviously! I ran away in a random direction, turn around and starts shooting. No one there! I start laughing because I start thinking of how the super mutants says: Huh?! No one there?!  A movement to my right! Yet another trapper. This time I'm ready. I turn towards him or her and fire. He's dead. Seems like most trappers are male. When I think of it, I don't think I've seen one female trapper so far. Let's not linger here, there might be more. I sneak towards the derelict house they seemed to come from. I think it was all. 3 of them. Some minor loot, nothing note worthy really. I continue following the road and soon I find a truck with a very interesting load. A power armor! Some kind of odd lime green color and Vim! on it! I decide to leave it there for the moment. I don't really like power armors, they kind of feel too big and sneaking in a power armor is a total laugh. It kind of breaks immersion. But I do like jumping from heights with it. Love the "heavy impact" sound and the shaking ground. Anyway, the power armor stays where it is for now. I continue north, it seems the road bends a bit to the west now. I soon find a place called Dalton's Farm. This also happens to be a place where I'm supposed to kill some kind of monster, a fog crawler I think it is. The huge cray-fish looking one! But it's getting dark and I don't feel like fighting it in the dark since I think it's quite dangerous. I have to camp out the night, but first I need to find some kind of safe space. A huge pile of debris became my temporary home. And in the morning I was prepared for a big fight! Thing is. I could stay on the pile and shoot the damn thing from there. Over and over and over. It would mostly react like giants in Skyrim when you shoot them with a bow from a place where they could not get to you. They would run away until you stepped down, then they would come rushing back. Rinse and repeat. Same tactics works here. Boring, but safe. so I step down and bring out my gun instead and wait. I need to empty my mag in it once and then reload and shoot some more until it finally dies. Quest updated, need to talk to that Dalton woman again. No time for that now though. I have an island to explore. I continue west and happens upon a new trapper base. This time it's me who has the upper hand. I can quickly pick them off one by one with my sniper rifle. The loot is nothing great, but some supplies and drugs finds a new owner: me! Soon I found a place called the Oceanarium. It's inhabited by more trappers that dies quickly. Nothing great to be had there either. But my shooting seem to have awaken some kind of huge and terrible monster. First I see a bus flying around until I realize it's a gigantic hermit crab. I decide it's time for me to leave, and that quickly! I kind of retreat without a thought once again and soon finds me in a calmer area. Calmer in the sense that it's not inhabited by giant monsters. Eagle's Cove Tannery becomes my refuge. I rather fight ghouls than those other... things! I quickly clear this place and manage to find power tools which is needed by The Mariner back in Far Harbor. I had totally forgotten about that mission to find those. Well, problem solved! Once I step outside I'm approached by a guy called Machete Mike who wants to buy the power tools off me. I decline the offer, mostly because if you go by the name Machete Mike you're probably just a dork and the caps he was offering didn't feel like it was worth it anyway. I can make that money quite quickly and at the moment I don't have anything special I need to buy anyway. I turn back towards the east coast of the island and run into Aldersea Day Spa which is under super mutant control. This location provides me with little resistance from the super mutants. I have a feeling I've learned to take care of them now. Snipe them from far away and if they come close, a few quick shots from my gun is the trick. Good loot is to be had here, but nothing that really stands out. On my map I can see another interesting location, the National Park HQ. I start heading in that direction. More super mutants. A lot more to be honest. And one suicide bomber. They don't spot me so I manage to advance myself into a good sniping position. I can see the suicider through a window and it seems like he has 2 friends with him in that location. I can also see his hand in which he holds the nuke. Hehe... One shot, 3 down. The others of course becomes very upset by this so a minor chaos occurs. I survive the shoot out mostly because there is only 1 or 2 super mutants with guns, the rest is melee or mutant hounds which is quite easy to deal with even in close quarters. More stimpacks, some drugs,  food, water and some junk. And nuclear material. Hehe. It started to get darker while I was looting the place and soon it became really dark and hard to navigate. My aim was to get to the National Park Visitors Center but I managed to get side-tracked multiple times. Thanks to one of my mods nights becomes pitch black and to see anything is really hard. I decided to wait it out. After a while I felt bored so I tried to find my way anyway. The compass in Survival Mode only show which direction I'm moving, no quest markers or so, so I managed to walk right past the NP Visitors Center twice before I got there. And I was quite lucky too since the ground was littered with mines that I managed to avoid somehow. Those I saw in daylight. I noticed I had some memory drives in my inventory and decided to return them to Faraday in Acadia on my way back to Far Harbor. He was not to over enthusiastic since I didn't bring him 3 and then I choose the wrong dialogue option so I guess I missed the chance to go back to the locked chest. But hey, that happens when you play on survival mode. No second chances! I decided to continue exploring and went to the south, towards the Old Pond house. I continued further south and came upon a clever made fort built on two rocks overlooking the road below. The fort was inhabited by trappers and they did not see me coming! I sniped a few of them before I approached and could calmly loot the first part of the mini fort. Then I started walking over the bridge when someone opened fire at me. I had obviously missed one. Then fire from a second source hit me so I sprinted over the bridge and draw my pistol. Bang! Bang! Bang! Or rather Phewgh! Phewgh!Phewgh! since it's a silenced pistol. I got lucky in this fight too. I live to fight another day! Looting the place was nice, I got a nice stockpile of supplies, ammo and medics. Then I turned east and quite quickly came across something that looked huge and infested with super mutants. I think that would be Harbor Grand Hotel. But that will be another adventure because now it's time to drop off stuff and re-equip myself since I'm running out of bullets for my .38 gun.

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