HITMAN – Elusive Target #12 – The Fixer – How I did it!

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2 elusive targets in a row spells luck for me. Since I failed ET#11 I kind of need this one I would like to think. After a scouting run to see what he does I came up with a bunch of ideas on how to do things.
  • Electrecution in the park.
  • Chandelier drop in either stairs or great hall.
  • Throw of balcony.
  • Some kind of accident on the porch.
I went for the electrecution in the park since this ET felt way to easy and I just wanted to get over with it. Fix the plug, wait for him to make his call, dismiss his escort and then start walking back. Throw a coin about here and he will walk into the water and die. Horribly! When the deed is done, just walk to the closest exit. I managed to rank myself at place 224, but I guess a lot of people will come up with quicker ways that will push me down a bit! Anyway. Easy ET. This scores me 3 ET's, so it's not so far until first unlock for ET's.

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