Fallout 4 DLC #10 Sometimes I hate this game!

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After hauling ass back to Far Harbor, bartering for supplies and then back to my base emptying my pockets, restocking what I needed I was ready for The Far Harbor Grand Hotel. I looked at the map and decided to follow the road to the hotel. But quite soon I got distracted by a derelict building at the side of the road. I entered, found some minor loot, ammo and other stuff. I found a dead trapper on a bed, looted what I could from him. And then, suddenly I heard gun fire and noticed bullets hitting close to me. It was an ambush. I saw people running towards me from the bushes on the other side of the road, and some coming from somewhere I could not see. Great! This did not go according to plan, a desperate fight with molotovs raining down on me and me running for cover. I managed to snipe two of them, then they rushed me again. Turned out I had managed to snipe the two guys with guns. I managed to jump onto a cliff and from there I could easily take care of the remaining meleer's that had been so troublesome for me just a few moments earlier. I quickly looted their corpses, went over to the bushes from where some had attacked me and found a small outpost. It provided me with some ammo and stimpacks. Then I continued along the road to find yet another trapper stronghold. This time I had the jump on them. I managed to pick off 3 of them before they realized what was happening. The forth trapper fell quickly even though he bravely stormed towards me. He died in a haul of bullets. Looting this fort was interesting. 4 mini nukes was the best loot in a long time! Now it was not far to the Grand Hotel and since I had passed by it earlier I knew there were super mutants present so I was careful. There were plenty of guards on the outside but I managed to pick them off one by one without triggering the whole lot of them. After the outside was secured it was time to go inside. Turned out that the inside was not as well defended as I thought it should be. Turned out to be easy pickings. And easy looting. Nothing remarkable, mostly replenishing my aids and ammo, but also some well needed items containing screws and the like since I need screws for my weapon modifications. From here it's not too far to the Vim! Pop Factory and since my success at the hotel I felt I should give it a try. I went down to southwest Harbor, found a place to sleep/save and then continued to the factory ground. I met some light resistance at the front gates. Nothing I could not handle. Then I followed the road down past the parking decks and towards some kind of load bridge guarded by 3 mutant hounds. They proved to be no problem either. But I found myself in a bad spot. High up above there was a super mutant with a rocket launcher. And he killed me. So I had to restart from where I had saved, do the front door again, clear out the dogs, try to snipe the super mutant with the rocket launcher. He never die with just one shot! But I die from only one rocket. I tried to go around and take him out from behind. That did not work out very well either. Plus, he had a nasty suicidal friend that always want to play with me while I don't want to play with him! I think I spent like 4-5 hours with just the outside trying to clear the outside before entering. I really hate redoing things like this over and over again. And many times when I died it was due to these invisible walls you find every now and then. Fighting my way through the inside of the office, clearing out the headquarters first with the CEO's office, learning about some plot and the troubles the Vim! factory was having. Then finally I entered the factory itself and finally I got some kind of reward from all the dying earlier. A new smashing Vim! painted power armor! Turns out the power armor would come in handy because when I finally unlocks the final door, a giant blast-door looking door to what I thought was the loading bay, a huge monster rushed at me. The super mutants had some kind of leader, but he got locked up in there because he seemed unreasonable or something. It was one of those behemoths that you could find in the wasteland. Throwing rocks at you. smashing you with their club made out of a traffic light and a water post? Without the power armor I would not have lasted for long, that's for sure! I found myself a save spot to stand in and from there I could throw grenades at him until he finally died. There was huge piles of loot to be had, and once again I was lucky I had the power armor since I would have to go two times to carry it all. I stopped by in Acadia to do some bartering, turned out I also got a new quest, so I checked if there was any other quests still to do in Acadia. Turned out I need to help Chase with something so I talked to her. I don't really like synths, I don't like the Institute either but synths feels so, I don't know, boring but I still want to do the quests so I end up being quite sarcastic towards them in the meanwhile and during conversations. I also don't really care about their emotions and so on, I do things because I want to. So I need to find this synth that did not arrive, and obviously there is a synth called Victoria that is not Victoria but is Jule. I need to figure this out. Turns out I need to go back to the boat where I found the memory banks earlier. Well, that will have to wait because I still carry a lot of nice loot. So back to Far Harbor, talking to the guy in the general store I get info about the synth that never arrived. He points me in the right direction. Then I ran back to my base to store my new shiny power armor and I also build a walkway for easier access to my little settlement. Turns out I miss the materials to finish the lightning of the walkway so I need to get some more stuff to scrap. Or buy a shipment of steel. Back to Far Harbor, need to buy antibiotics since I seem to be sick. The doctor have just one and that won't do. I also talk to Cassie Dalton and finds out that her husband was killed by some trappers that resides in the south. So for now it seem like I have a bunch of quests that needs to be done before I go and drink from that radioactive pond. I also found me a shiny piece of chest armor as you can see below! I rest until morning and sets off in the early morning. I run and I run until I finally reach the southern parts, I avoid Northwood Ridge Quarry and head straight for Brook's Head Lighthouse. The fog makes it hard to scout the area, but I get a glimpse of a few sentries at least. My plan? Snipe what I can, then it's just full on I guess. I managed to snipe one before everyone and their mothers were hot on my tail. but I came out victorious! And I even got to climb the stairs of the lighthouse without any hassle. The trapper leader was not to fond of me disturbing his very important trapper business and he opened fire at me as soon as he saw me. I did the same thing. And managed to survive with just a sliver of life left. tons of nice loot to have up in the lighthouse. This place would make for a cool settlement. I also found out of some loot stash in the water so down to the makeshift dock I went. I found two more trappers down there, and since I found them and not the other way around I was once again victorious. I also found the secret stash and looted it. And on my way back I saw a small shed containing a power armor frame. Nice, because I was almost overloaded. I decided it was time to head back home again. I stopped by the boat where I found the hard drives and looted the locked chest. As I already mentioned, Jule is Victoria, now I just need to prove it. So I head back to Acadia and checks the terminal in the basement and it turns out that I was right. So now I just walks around and spill the beans to everyone about Jule. Cog want to keep it a secret, but I refuse, then he is like always and we barter a bit. Then I talk to Jule who get's angry and leaves and gives me a key to her strongbox. I loot it and trade away the stuff from it. Then I talk to Faraday who want me to keep it a secret and reveals that Jule don't want to talk to him. Hehe.. I'm being an asshole! On my way from Acadia back to Far Harbor I took the detour to the area where the missing synth were supposed to hide. He were nowhere to be seen but tracks led me towards the Azalea area, an area I have avoided so far because I think it will be part of the main story later on. I might be wrong on this. Anyway, I found a house with some trappers who were friendly for once. I talk to them, turns out the missing synth fell victim for a couple of cannibals. Too bad. Well, I don't like synths, but I don't like trappers either so I chuck a grenade inside the house and then shoot the one survivor of my ambush. No great loots to be had here. I decide to scout the area a bit and found some wrecked boats, some ammo and stimpacks, further along the coast I find a derelict house with a glowing one inside. Easy pickings when you're sitting in a safe spot. And then I found some more trappers on the beach. I snipe them and one of them ends up like this, un-lootable. Great! But it was kind of funny! 🙂

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