HITMAN – Elusive Target #13 – The Ex-Dictator – How I did it!

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A new elusive target, just days after the 6th chapter is released. I havn't even had the time yet to try out the Hokkaido map. But enough about that. For the first time in this Hitman game I get a target that is truly believable. The other targets, with Jordan Cross as an exception, has felt a bit like the James Bond villains. A little bit too much to be true. But this, an dictator that has been embezzling his country for years now lives out his last days in luxuary in exile. Hated by his people, but un-reachable, until now! Agent 47 is on the job! Speaking of Jordan Cross, this takes place in the Bangkok map which is nice. It has some nice level design and interesting layout, even though it's also kind of restrictive in it's own way. But there is variety on how you can go about things which I think is good! I started up the mission and just ran around scouting a bit and saw a bunch of opportunities. I pretty quickly came up with a plan after having followed them around for a while. The golddigging wife would be an easy target to snipe out on the terrace and the ex-dictator shoud be a fairly easy target in the room where he makes his calls. Many variables in a mission where you are allowed no saves. So I started looking for other options. The best option to get them both at the same time would be when they sat down on the couch together. And this is where I joind the fire extinguisher/breach charge club for real. It's just simply the easiest way to do it. It's the least risk involved and I do really want to complete this mission! So said and done. I started in 47's suit with a breach carge smuggled in. Ran out, grabbed the fire extinguisher, ran down to the couch behind the guards, placed the FE and the breaching charges. Ran to the bottom of the stairs and waited for the happy couple to sit down. Boom! Head to nearest exit. Also, this was my first elusive target unlock! Yey! 🙂  

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