So close to getting ranked in KOTK!

Posted on Posted in H1Z1: King of the Kill
I played a couple of games yesterday. My shot was ON! Well, maybe not, but I did pretty well. One 2nd place for example. I could have won if I hadn't crashed into some junk in a freaking crater. But to be honest, I think the other guy was the better player here so he deserved a win. Anyway. Counting my scores right now, it would seem I qualify for a gold ranking, maybe tier 3. So where I end up as my first ranking in season 4 depends on how well I do in my 10th game this pre-season. If I win I will most definatly be Platinum, if not, I will be gold. I'm fine with gold. The second season I had to grind a lot to leave the good rank behind me. I decided not to play the last game since I started to play bad in the end. Better leave it for another day! I'm in no rush, but I will have to grind it out until I become Diamond again.

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