Long time no see, ey?

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Nothing new really. Not been playing so much. Not done much at all to be honest. Just checking out if some of the updates I’ve downloaded has fixed some of the bugs and errors on the site. I hope so. I picked up Skyrim again, modded it and all. There are some new and decent mods out so the game feels fresh again. Every now and then I grind PUBG with Sasa and I’m waiting for Kingdome Come: Deliverance to get patched enough to be playable again.  

H1Z1 King of the Kill update and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

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Since it was an eternity, or osmething similiar, since I last updated I have actually forgotten how things ended in KOTK pre-season 4, but I’m pretty sure I managed to grind my way to a platinum or diamond placement. And shortly there after I kind of gave up on KOTK since my friends started to play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG. Strange enough, my scores doesn’t seem to be on the KOTK page so I can’t really check my rating on pre-season 4. Pre-season 5, I don’t want to talk about it but I don’t think I will get a ranking there. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on the […]

So close to getting ranked in KOTK!

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I played a couple of games yesterday. My shot was ON! Well, maybe not, but I did pretty well. One 2nd place for example. I could have won if I hadn’t crashed into some junk in a freaking crater. But to be honest, I think the other guy was the better player here so he deserved a win. Anyway. Counting my scores right now, it would seem I qualify for a gold ranking, maybe tier 3. So where I end up as my first ranking in season 4 depends on how well I do in my 10th game this pre-season. If I win I will […]

To be the King of the Kill (pre-season 4 has begun)

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I havn’t had the time/fortitude/will to update here for a while. I don’t even think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been playing this excellent and challenging game from Daybreak Games. I’m of course talking about H1Z1 King of the Kill. I started late in pre-season 1 and the reason why I started playing was because of a friend. I ended up at Silver Tier Division 2 as number 37891. My best game landed me on a 4th place and a grand total of 33 kills over the season. When pre-season 2 started I set my aims a bit higher. I was aiming to place myself at Platinum […]

Back at Skyrim again

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I’m back at playing Skyrim again. Fallout 4 turned out to be a bore with a un-interesting story in Far Harbor. Made me not wanna try the Nuka World DLC because it just felt like Bleh! 😛 To be honest I havn’t been playing much Skyrim either, I’ve spent like 2-3 weeks just trying to mod it up to be playable, downloading mods and stuff. It takes time when you have a child. Then I started working on 2-3 mods of my own as well. A playerhome/dungeon for evil aligned characters. Some enhencements around the Whiterun area to remind you of the civil war. Here […]

HITMAN – Elusive Target #13 – The Ex-Dictator – How I did it!

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A new elusive target, just days after the 6th chapter is released. I havn’t even had the time yet to try out the Hokkaido map. But enough about that. For the first time in this Hitman game I get a target that is truly believable. The other targets, with Jordan Cross as an exception, has felt a bit like the James Bond villains. A little bit too much to be true. But this, an dictator that has been embezzling his country for years now lives out his last days in luxuary in exile. Hated by his people, but un-reachable, until now! Agent 47 is on […]

Fallout 4 DLC #10 Sometimes I hate this game!

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After hauling ass back to Far Harbor, bartering for supplies and then back to my base emptying my pockets, restocking what I needed I was ready for The Far Harbor Grand Hotel. I looked at the map and decided to follow the road to the hotel. But quite soon I got distracted by a derelict building at the side of the road. I entered, found some minor loot, ammo and other stuff. I found a dead trapper on a bed, looted what I could from him. And then, suddenly I heard gun fire and noticed bullets hitting close to me. It was an ambush. I […]

HITMAN – Elusive Target #12 – The Fixer – How I did it!

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2 elusive targets in a row spells luck for me. Since I failed ET#11 I kind of need this one I would like to think. After a scouting run to see what he does I came up with a bunch of ideas on how to do things. Electrecution in the park. Chandelier drop in either stairs or great hall. Throw of balcony. Some kind of accident on the porch. I went for the electrecution in the park since this ET felt way to easy and I just wanted to get over with it. Fix the plug, wait for him to make his call, dismiss his […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s # 9 Exploring the north part of the island

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Setting out in nice weather for once made things easier. When there is fog everywhere it’s really hard to see things in front of you. getting rushed by ghouls or other monsters is quite easy when you don’t see too well. But with clear weather it’s nice for once! But why on earth would anything stay nice? As soon as I stepped outside the former city limits the weather quite quickly turned into the normal fog again. I followed the road north and soon I found a small trapper encampment. Or, they found me! Bullets started to fly, I dodged, I hid, I brought out my […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s #8 I have a base!

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Basiclly, what I built is a bunker right behind Old Longfellows house. It required me to use some of my caps to buy a shipment of concrete and one of steel. Scrapping a lot of trees on the island provided me with more wood than I could possibly need. At least for now. I also built a small shack for NPC’s if I get the urge to expand the settlement a bit. Most important is some reliable source for food and water. I could build a water purification system but that would probably leave my base vulnerable for attacks. I hope my current build does […]

HITMAN – Elusive Target #11 – How I did not made it!

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So yey! New elusive target, number 11, or the 3rd real shot I had. First I do some recon runs without even doing anything. I follow the fixer from the consulate, I follow him back, I follow the courier around and figure out where the pick up is done and all. And then I put my plan into motion. I was about to re-use my old tactics from the A House Built on Sand and shoot down the sign on the target. I found the perfect spot, I waited, target was in sight, but I figured he had to go the meeting first so I waited […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s #7 I need a base!

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I seem to get encumbered way to easy. I need some place to call my home. A place where I can dump the stuff I don’t need at the moment but will need later! And where is the best place to build a base? I don’t want to live close to Children of Atom, religious fanatics. Can’t say I prefer the people in Acadia either. The people in Far Harbor is okay, they just want to get by, kind of. Judging by the map I have a settlement close by Far Harbor. Old Longfellows Cabin. Seems fair. Only bad thing is, it’s not central in […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s #6 Children of Atom

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Since I had this sence of walking in the wrong direction I decided to go through the cave, it seemed to go in the right direction. Turned out the cave was filled with trappers as well and I had to fight my way through it. The resistance I met wasn’t that hard so getting through was easily done. Somewhere along the route I found a sniper rifle with a good scope on, I felt this was a good addition to my arsenal but it also meant I had to leave even more stuff behind since I was more or less encumbered as it were. I […]

HITMAN – Colorado: Freedom Fighters – How I made it! *Spoiler Alert*

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It is time to wrap up the 5th episode of Hitman and for the first time I did not have a clue on how to go about this mission. All I know is that I have the SA/SO challenges left plus Piano Man and String Quartet. Since I play by the rule of starting point is the original one and the kills should be with the fibre wire I figured that I could need some kind of help along the way. I decided to start with a lockpick in the closest pick up location from my starting point which turned out to be the garden […]