Hitman – Colorado: Freedom Fighters – Challenges

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Just cleaning up amongst the challenges and feats on the Colorado mission. There were a few that I didn’t manage to get yet. Also turned out I managed to unlock a new achievement on Steam as well by doing so. Giddy up butter-cup. So with “Howdy Partner”, “Gunslinger”, “Rep Tires” and the last feat, escaping with the boat on the river. So tomorrow I’m ready for the final task, to complete all related to SA/SO and the fibre wire. And that would be all for Colorado for a while. The map is massive in it’s own way and I’ve had a lot of fun with it, […]

Hitman – Colorado: Freedom Fighters

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The fifth episode in Hitman takes you to Colorado and a mission called Freedom Fighters. This mission is very different from the previous ones in many ways. Not only did some game play changes come into play, but the whole area is considered hostile territory / you are trespassing and the general rule is: shoot first, ask no questions. The mission takes place on a farm populated by some 130 armed “freedom fighters”. The map is at first glance quite big and a bit confusing since there seem to be almost like a labyrinth of cultivation boxes scattered in front of the actuall place where you […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s #5 Acadia

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Old Longfellow worked his way up the hills and I tried to keep up with him. Suddenly he stops but he continues jogging in the same spot. I think he hit one of those invisible barriers. A little nudge put him on the right track again. Next time he stops it’s because he’s attacked by wolves. It’s quite handy with him as a target, I can just shoot the wolves one by one and this way I also preserves the ammo. We continue running for a while and then it emerges from the mist, Acadia. Old Longfellow promptly offers his companionship but I turn him […]

Un-boxing a beer box!

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Yesterday I got a delivery from Belgoklubben. A box containing 12 bottles, 6 different brands, 2 bottles of each of Belgian beer. It’s the Autumn box. It contained the following: 2x Vicaris Tripel/Gueuze (Dilewyns) 2x Big MaMa Stout (NovaBirra) 2x Jambe de Bois (De la Senne) 2x Mad Saison (Mad Yeast) 2x Golden Tricky (Verzet) 2x Inglorious Quad (Inglorious Brew Stars) I will have to try to get a taste of these soon! Thing is, I still have a bunch of bottles left from the two previous boxes I got!

Fallout 4 DLC’s #4 Work in Far Harbor

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This ghoul-infested island will be my death! After returning to the settlement with the loot from the trapper camp I once again started to explore the ruins outside of Far Harbor. Most of them are empty, but the old church proved to be a hit, while the bowling alley was a bust it turned out. Not loot wise, because the loot was plenty, so was the ghouls and the glowing one kicked the shit out of me. Not once or twice. But four times. Next time I might not be so lucky to have slept (saved) recently. I managed to clear that area out and felt […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s #3 Arriving to Far Harbor

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The next morning I started out early again. It was still quite dark when I left Skinny Malone by the fire. I aimed at the road just up ahead of me and got there without trouble. and without trouble I could move for a while, which felt like a relief since so far I’ve mostly had troubles on my journey. I came upon some kind of store, had some water from the well and bought some radiation free food to eat. Traded away some of the heavier stuff I’ve collected so far to make room for more loot. With a carry weight of max 105 […]

HITMAN – Elusive Target #10

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Elusive target number ten, in Paris. Number 2 for me. A quite well familiar map by now. Interestingly enough the target moves over the whole map, except for the basement. This means there are a lot of good opportunities for the hit. I must admit that I spent quite some time stalking my prey, trying to figure out the best place. The garden looked promising, I could just lay in ambush and cap her from the small park and get away within seconds. Or I could let her enter the building and let her walk up the first stair in her path and then drop […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s #2 Towards Far Harbor

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And how do I get Far Harbor started then? First I had to break into Kelloggs house and then follow Dogmeat around while tracking Kellog. I left Dogmeat at the pond where you find the cigar and headed back to Diamond City, right outside Diamond City the new radio station popped up. Listening to it started the quest I had worked so hard to get. Yes, I spent almost a day and half trying to get where I was. and finally, I had it. So back into Diamond City, running to Nicks office and talking to Ellie to get the quest going. I found out […]

Fallout 4 DLC’s #1 Getting Started

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While waiting for the next episode of HITMAN is released or a Elusive Target is announced I decided to once again take on the role as the lone wanderer. I bought the Season Pass on Steam, downloaded the game, started it up for the first time since early January this year and then I realized it, I can’t play this game unless I mod it. Once you’ve played a game with mods, there is no going back to basic. So I spent like 1½ day with installing and trying out mods that I wanted just to make the game “playable” for me. Yes, yes, I […]

Hitman – Bangkok: Club 27 – How I made it! *Spoiler Alert*

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My initial idea was to get Jordan Cross flying out the window, just like he did with that girl. So I started up the opportunity where that is possible and had him throw Ken Morgan out the window, then I threw a coin at the window to have him move closer and then I threw him out. Only problem is, that required me to change outfit 2 times which will not result in a SA/SO. So I had to re-think. Which means I more or less figured out different ways to strangle Jordan Cross instead. The easiest way is probably to lure him into his […]

Hitman – Bangkok: Club 27

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Here I am with a cup of coffee, the most important cup of coffee to be honest. The first one right after breakfast. I guess that if I was a smoker, this would probably be a good time to have a cigarette. I’ve just started up Hitman, logged in and so on. I’m watching the screen and it says that I’m about 19.5/20 Mission Mastery and that got me thinking. I’ve have not had any reflections of the level at all. I just got on with it after doing some escalations and contracts right after finishing Marrakesh. And then, when most challanges/feats was done it […]

The Night Manager

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Vaccation is over, needed a break from playing games so I started to watch a serie called The Night Manager based on the novel by John Le Carré. I saw the advertisement on the telly some weeks ago and noted the name down, thought it had some potential. Time goes by, I forget, then I suddenly remembers and starts watching it. I won’t say whats it about, I rather quote IMDB.com instead. It kind of says is all: The night manager of a Cairo hotel is recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer’s inner circle. Starring no others than Dr. House (Hugh Laurie), Sophie (Olivia Coleman) […]

Hitman Unlocks

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A word about the unlocks in this game. They seem to be a controversial topic on the forums, many hate them, many loves them. Myself, I feel a bit caught in the middle. some of the unlocks are nice, but some are just plan silly. My guess is that they are to be viewed as something funny rather than something really usefull. I can see that the dagger, Janbiya have a connection to the Marrakesh level since it’s an arabic dagger but it really does feel out of place. Not so “Hitmanish” if you say so. Same goes for Nna Obaras machete which I can’t really find […]