H1Z1 King of the Kill update and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

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Since it was an eternity, or osmething similiar, since I last updated I have actually forgotten how things ended in KOTK pre-season 4, but I’m pretty sure I managed to grind my way to a platinum or diamond placement. And shortly there after I kind of gave up on KOTK since my friends started to play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG. Strange enough, my scores doesn’t seem to be on the KOTK page so I can’t really check my rating on pre-season 4. Pre-season 5, I don’t want to talk about it but I don’t think I will get a ranking there. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on the […]

So close to getting ranked in KOTK!

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I played a couple of games yesterday. My shot was ON! Well, maybe not, but I did pretty well. One 2nd place for example. I could have won if I hadn’t crashed into some junk in a freaking crater. But to be honest, I think the other guy was the better player here so he deserved a win. Anyway. Counting my scores right now, it would seem I qualify for a gold ranking, maybe tier 3. So where I end up as my first ranking in season 4 depends on how well I do in my 10th game this pre-season. If I win I will […]

To be the King of the Kill (pre-season 4 has begun)

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I havn’t had the time/fortitude/will to update here for a while. I don’t even think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been playing this excellent and challenging game from Daybreak Games. I’m of course talking about H1Z1 King of the Kill. I started late in pre-season 1 and the reason why I started playing was because of a friend. I ended up at Silver Tier Division 2 as number 37891. My best game landed me on a 4th place and a grand total of 33 kills over the season. When pre-season 2 started I set my aims a bit higher. I was aiming to place myself at Platinum […]