Back at Skyrim again

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I’m back at playing Skyrim again. Fallout 4 turned out to be a bore with a un-interesting story in Far Harbor. Made me not wanna try the Nuka World DLC because it just felt like Bleh! 😛 To be honest I havn’t been playing much Skyrim either, I’ve spent like 2-3 weeks just trying to mod it up to be playable, downloading mods and stuff. It takes time when you have a child. Then I started working on 2-3 mods of my own as well. A playerhome/dungeon for evil aligned characters. Some enhencements around the Whiterun area to remind you of the civil war. Here […]

I made a Skyrim mod

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I know Hitman is released but I havn’t had the urge to play it so I installed Skyrim once again. I thought I was done with that game but I found out that Fallout 4 doesn’t cut it for me. The game is not good enough. I missed the “magic” of Skyrim (once you’ve modded it that is). So here I am, downloading tons of mods, doing something wrong, restarts again and so on. 3 weeks later I’m all set to actually start playing and not just checking of the mods work or not. And suddenly I don’t want to play Skyrim anymore. Mostly due […]