Long time no see, ey?

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Nothing new really. Not been playing so much. Not done much at all to be honest. Just checking out if some of the updates I’ve downloaded has fixed some of the bugs and errors on the site. I hope so. I picked up Skyrim again, modded it and all. There are some new and decent mods out so the game feels fresh again. Every now and then I grind PUBG with Sasa and I’m waiting for Kingdome Come: Deliverance to get patched enough to be playable again.  

Un-boxing a beer box!

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Yesterday I got a delivery from Belgoklubben. A box containing 12 bottles, 6 different brands, 2 bottles of each of Belgian beer. It’s the Autumn box. It contained the following: 2x Vicaris Tripel/Gueuze (Dilewyns) 2x Big MaMa Stout (NovaBirra) 2x Jambe de Bois (De la Senne) 2x Mad Saison (Mad Yeast) 2x Golden Tricky (Verzet) 2x Inglorious Quad (Inglorious Brew Stars) I will have to try to get a taste of these soon! Thing is, I still have a bunch of bottles left from the two previous boxes I got!

Happy Birthday to myself on my 35th birthday

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So the time has come to turn 35, yet antother year has passed and so on. To be honest, I don’t feel that different from when I was 20. Except for that when I was 20 I thought that when I would be 35 I would be grown up. I’m not. Sure, I have a wife and a kid is on the way, but… Still, I’m 35. More than a third of my life has passed I guess. I hope the next coming 35 years will be fruitfull and enjoyable. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF!

Hitman – Marrakesh: The Gilded Cage – How I made it! *Spoiler Alert*

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This was easier than I initially thought, although I did not get a 100% satisfaction doing it since I could not make Reza Zaydan disapear the way I wanted without things taking ages. So, I had to do it a bit quicker and that works as good as any other way. I’ve also seen on the internet that they way I had him meet his maker seem to be quite common. Anyway, spoilers ahead and so on. I started as usuall at the original starting place, suit only. Starting equipment was the fibre wire, silenced gun and lockpick. Smugled item was the lethal poison in […]

Summer update about stuff and such

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Here we are in the early days of August 2016, the weather so far has not been so great but it’s okay since I’m still working. Not many days left though until I finally will have some vacation. We will spend some time at our country house and then we need to get back to town because Sofias school starts again. Between work and free time I’ve been playing Witcher 3 Blood and Wine, working on iXploretheworld.com and done some geocaching to pass time. You can read more about it at iXploretheworld.com. I’ve also tried a bunch of beers to see if I can find […]

More than I can handle

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I was looking through my game library at Steam and noticed I had a bunch of games I haven’t even tried yet. Audiosurf Sniper Elite 3 Postal 3 This War of Mine … to mention a few. Probably the most interesting ones at least. When will I have time to play those between job and wife?

The first post is the first post?

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So I’m trying another take on this site since I have nothing intelligent to do with it. So every now and then I’m probably going to post something about what I do or do not do but want to do and probably will noone ever read it either, so who cares in the end? Loneliness is the true reward in life. And on internet noone can hear you scream. Remember that kids!