Hitman – Colorado: Freedom Fighters – Challenges

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Just cleaning up amongst the challenges and feats on the Colorado mission. There were a few that I didn't manage to get yet. Also turned out I managed to unlock a new achievement on Steam as well by doing so. Giddy up butter-cup. So with "Howdy Partner", "Gunslinger", "Rep Tires" and the last feat, escaping with the boat on the river. So tomorrow I'm ready for the final task, to complete all related to SA/SO and the fibre wire. And that would be all for Colorado for a while. The map is massive in it's own way and I've had a lot of fun with it, but now it's time to round it up!

Hitman – Colorado: Freedom Fighters

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The fifth episode in Hitman takes you to Colorado and a mission called Freedom Fighters. This mission is very different from the previous ones in many ways. Not only did some game play changes come into play, but the whole area is considered hostile territory / you are trespassing and the general rule is: shoot first, ask no questions. The mission takes place on a farm populated by some 130 armed "freedom fighters". The map is at first glance quite big and a bit confusing since there seem to be almost like a labyrinth of cultivation boxes scattered in front of the actuall place where you will spend most of the time. Yes, in the end, everything boils down to about one 3rd of the map, or maybe half the map. I've read complaints about the map size contra the content, but if you think about it, most farms are made up by the cultivation area or fields, and then you have the area where you have the barns, repair shops and tool sheds and what not and they use to be concentrated at a pretty small spot compared to the total farm size. So from that point of view I think the map is very well done. Challenge wise, most of them has been quite hard to fullfill, and some I had to take some help form the more crafty people of the interwebs to solve. Some of them I guess I could have figured out after a lot of trial and error, but the Rep Tire challenge I had no clue at all how to solve. Some challenges was strongly linked to the opportunities which I found to be most enjoyable even though I think I spent 2 hours looking for the watch. On the other hand, I feel there could have been more opportunities, five was a bit weak considering there are 4 targets. It's hard to compare the map with others since it's very unlike the others, specially considering it's an all hostile area with no safe zones at all. But if you are carefull and choose your strategy well there are much fun to be had and the best part with the map is all the opportunities you can create on your own. With a bit of patience and planning there are possible accidents around almost every corner. I think the best part with Colorado is the four targets. Two more than on the previous maps, which in the ends becomes double the fun and double the challenge! There are so many different ways to tackle the problems, and so many interesting ways to make the targets meet their death. I was however a bit disappointed that I only found two sniping points so far, maybe there is one more hidden somewhere. The area is packed with accidents waiting to happen, but my goal is of course to use the fibre wire in the end. That is the ultimate hit for me. And all of them, Maya Pavrati, Sean Rose, Penelope Graves and Ezra Berg all have an appointment with 47. I only have a few hours on this map, I'm not even close to completion. I've ended up in so many gun fights on this map, probably the same amount that I have in all the previous maps combined. This map is hostile and unforgiving, fun and challenging in a way the previous maps have not been. And there are plenty of rewards too, a bunch of new unlocks like an concealable baton, a new suit and a emetic syringe for example. And it has one more thing, a Scarecrow suit!

Fallout 4 DLC’s #5 Acadia

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Old Longfellow worked his way up the hills and I tried to keep up with him. Suddenly he stops but he continues jogging in the same spot. I think he hit one of those invisible barriers. A little nudge put him on the right track again. Next time he stops it's because he's attacked by wolves. It's quite handy with him as a target, I can just shoot the wolves one by one and this way I also preserves the ammo. We continue running for a while and then it emerges from the mist, Acadia. Old Longfellow promptly offers his companionship but I turn him down. I think I prefer going alone if I can. Acadia is obviously an old observatory surrounded by trucks and other stuff. I quickly scout the area but I can't find anything or anyone on the outside so I finally walk in. There I'm greeted by the strangest sight. A synth with tubes and other stuff poking out of him. I start to think of The Architect from Dragon Age. His name is DiMA and seem to be the leader of Acadia. His way of talking is quite annoying to be honest so I try to not explore all subjects. In the end I'm welcome to stay and explore Acadia, he also tells me that Kasumi is here and that I can talk to her. And that is exactly what I am going to do. Kasumi does not seem to fond of leaving and instead she wants me to help her to find out what is going on in Acadia, everything does not seem right. True that, everyone is very strange and none of the other synths gives any good information at all. Some are even hostile. There are one or two I can trade with, at least that's something. So, helping Kasumi. Why do I have a feeling that it's just a long chain of helping people all the time? What's it all about? I eavesdrop on a private meeting between DiMA and his closest associates, and then I also talk directly to DiMA to see if I can find out anything. Turns out he is a low budget synth that's why he has all those tubes and other stuff attached to him to expand his memory banks and so on. Like a 3rd world upgrade or something. Well, it looks cool. Anyway, his first memory banks he left in another place, and that place is now inhibited by the Children of Atom. People who worships atom bombs. And it seems like they have one? This could get... messy. DiMA want's me to go and get the memories back, that's the conclusion of it all. Okay, I can do that. But first I need to report back to Kasumi. That was a quite pointless "reporting back" because it felt like I did not add much new information really and it didn't end my mission either so I will have to go and fetch some memory banks from people who worships nuclear warheads. That can't be so hard, can it? Doing some preparations like buying thins I need and selling what I don't need and then I'm set for the trek to the guys with the huge bomb. I check my bearing and start to move towards my destination. I run into some house next to a pond (Old Pond House) inhabited by trappers. A nice detail is that they seem to sniff the air when they think someone is close. I think I read somewhere they are cannibals so I guess that makes sense. Turns out they don't like visitors so it became a shoot out which I won. 3 of them turned out to be melee'ers and quite stupid so I could finish them off one by one. The shooter was a bit harder since he hid behind broken walls and other covers. I threw a hand grenade at him. Looting the trappers and the house gave me some dirty water, some food and some medical supplies and ammo. There was some junk too but I think I rather save the space in my inventory for something more useful. I continued to the west and found a new trapper outpost, Pine Crest Cavern. This place was dangerous. Too many enemies in one spot, people shooting at me from all directions. Lucky for me I had slept/saved at the Old Pond House and I didn't need to redo too much. It took a few times of trial and error. I found that the best tactic I could use was throwing grenades at them at the same time as I rushed in and fired at them. Sneaking around and trying to snipe them was not a good way to do it. Looting the place was hard because I found so much good stuff, weapons, ammo, supplies of various kinds. And I can't carry all with me so I started prioritize. I left a good bunch of good stuff behind that day. A growing sense of walking in the wrong direction started to grow in me. Had I been facing all this danger in vain?

Un-boxing a beer box!

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Yesterday I got a delivery from Belgoklubben. A box containing 12 bottles, 6 different brands, 2 bottles of each of Belgian beer. It's the Autumn box. It contained the following: 2x Vicaris Tripel/Gueuze (Dilewyns) 2x Big MaMa Stout (NovaBirra) 2x Jambe de Bois (De la Senne) 2x Mad Saison (Mad Yeast) 2x Golden Tricky (Verzet) 2x Inglorious Quad (Inglorious Brew Stars) I will have to try to get a taste of these soon! Thing is, I still have a bunch of bottles left from the two previous boxes I got!

Fallout 4 DLC’s #4 Work in Far Harbor

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This ghoul-infested island will be my death! After returning to the settlement with the loot from the trapper camp I once again started to explore the ruins outside of Far Harbor. Most of them are empty, but the old church proved to be a hit, while the bowling alley was a bust it turned out. Not loot wise, because the loot was plenty, so was the ghouls and the glowing one kicked the shit out of me. Not once or twice. But four times. Next time I might not be so lucky to have slept (saved) recently. I managed to clear that area out and felt great about myself. So I return to Far Harbor and sell some stuff, buying new provisions and talking to people, trying to figure out what to do next. Old Longfellow didn't seem like an option yet since I get my ass kicked pretty much every time I stick my nose outside the city limits. Talking to Avery I got a mission to find some guy who was supposed to repair some fog condensers and then I talked to some half crazy and quite boring woman (Cassie Dalton) who wanted help with avenging her family which the island had killed one way or another. First mission was to clear out some ghouls from some place. I got a feeling this is a radiant quest so I might not be following this quest line for long unless it pays very good. Making sure I had everything I needed I set out to find the missing fog condenser guy, whom I found dead close to two mirelurks. Lucky for me, they didn't notice me coming so for once I got the drop on them and not the other way around. Since I didn't really find any good loot here I thought I should continue and fix the broken fog condensers. Said and done, it was easy but at the last fog condenser I found 3 wolves. They almost got me. Next mission was to clear out some ghouls at National Park Campground. No bigger problem doing that, it was dodging the other creatures that lurked around the area that was hard. But I managed to get away alive. From the camp ground it wasn't too far to the Cliff's Edge Hotel so I thought it might be a good idea to go there and see if I could find some nice loot. Everything seemed calm when I arrived at the site. Looks like there was a vault in the parking lot, but it seemed to be inaccessible. Looked broken. No time to linger, it will get dark soon and on Far Harbor, darkness is not a good thing. So I start sweeping the first floor. There are some ghouls but nothing I can't handle. Some minor loot but nothing fancy, some supplies in form of stimpacks and such. I continue to the next floor and finds a locked door that I pick. As soon as the door opens I gets rushed by a ghoul. It almost got me! And I emptied my whole mag in it too! I heal up and then loot the bathroom. some pre-war money and uhm, maybe something else. I continue to clear out the rest of the floor, heads out and up onto next floor. Some ghouls, I find a dead trapper or raider in a camp. Some ammo to loot, a pipe gun and some food. I continue to explore the floor but finds nothing, heads for the stairs and get's rushed by some super ghoul, could have been a feral ghoul reaver. Somehow it manages to get stuck on something invisible (I've noticed that there are a lot of invisible barriers in Far Harbor) so killing it turned out to be easier than expected. I walked out on the roof and found even more ghouls. Since they more or less come at me one at a time they don't really pose a threat to me. I work my way into the hotel again, and then through the halls and so on until I mange to get out of the hotel again. A little richer in caps and loot, but nothing fancy still. I turn start walking away when I get a glimpse of some kind of bridge. I walk over it and finds a derelict house. I find a first aid box and loots it, when I step out of the house 4 ghouls comes storming at me. Chaos breaks out, bullets fly, ghoul limbs fly, I get wounded, can't move fast, I'm cornered. And somehow I managed to survive that with just a sliver left on the health bar. When I'm this close to death I usually seek out some space where enemies can't get me, so I jump around until I get onto some broken wall that seem to be a safe distance from the ground. I heal up and decide it's time to go back to Far Harbor. The Wasteland has taken it's toll on me today. And the light is dying quickly. The last part I have to run in the dark with only my PipBoy to aid me. Back in Far Harbor I walk over to the weapons workbench and checks if I can make any modifications to my gun. There are a few, but I think the most important one is the hardened receiver which increases my output damage a lot. Naturally I don't have everything so I start bartering with Allen Lee but he doesn't have enough items yielding screws. I go over to the general store and buy two typewriters and a globe, that should be enough! Turns out I can even make a larger mag too, which is nice. 13 bullets ends fast. Now I have like 17 I think, or maybe 19. Just need to make it quick reload too, but I need more perks in the Gun Nut perk for that. Anyway, time to sell everything I don't need. Since it's the middle of the night, does the shop keepers never sleep or do they just keep open while I am in town? Does the light in the fridge always shine or does it go out when you close the door? We'll never know! I headed over to the bar, the Last Plank and get myself a bed. The survival mode makes life hard in many ways, I noticed a decrease in carrying capacity since I was tired so sleeping should fix that. Besides, the night is no good time for adventure anyway. In the morning I return to Avery and report that her friend is dead but that the fog condensers are fixed. I get some caps and that it. I talk to Cassie Dalton that gives me some additional caps and then wants me to kill some creatures somewhere. I think I might ignore this quest for now. Maybe it's time to talk to that chap Old Longfellow after all. I return to The Last Plank and finds him in a corner. Talking to him reveals nothing much else than that he can take me to Acadia and that's he boosts about himself and want me to follow his lead. IF I had loaded up my old save from Fallout 4 and done the DLC's with that, I think Old Longfella would be better off behind my power armor. But now I'm only level 12 or 13, so I maybe better listen to him for now. And then off he goes and I can't barley keep up with him.

Fallout 4 DLC’s #3 Arriving to Far Harbor

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The next morning I started out early again. It was still quite dark when I left Skinny Malone by the fire. I aimed at the road just up ahead of me and got there without trouble. and without trouble I could move for a while, which felt like a relief since so far I've mostly had troubles on my journey. I came upon some kind of store, had some water from the well and bought some radiation free food to eat. Traded away some of the heavier stuff I've collected so far to make room for more loot. With a carry weight of max 105 pounds I really need to think what is a keeper and what is not. I continued north-east until I came upon this view. And this view should prove to be problematic as hell. To the left, up on the hill there is the Coastal Cottage settlement inhabited by mirelurks, which of one seemed to be a mutated one. The ridge seen in the middle was occupied by raiders and the bridge with the truck and trailer was guarded by 3 gunners that would bombard me with Molotovs. Eventually I choose the least dangerous fight, the raiders and managed to push through. some extra ammunition for me, a stimpack and RadAway. Then I ran into Stash who was a welcome sight. I could unload the rest of my loot to her in exchange for some supplies and caps. From what I could gather from the map I should reach the Nakano residence anytime now, so I picked up the pace again. Some ghouls blocking the way proved to be quite easy to fight, and then around the corner I could see the house. But first things first. I did some exploration around the area before I entered the house and spoke to Nakano. Interesting story, could their daughter be a synth? Or did she ran off to be with the synths? Could she be kidnapped? This requires further investigation. So I looked around the house, found the holotapes, listened to them. Yeah, she likes to repair electrical stuff. Does this mean she is a synth? No. Does this mean she ran off to be with synths? Maybe. Is the kidnapped. I don't think so. But we'll see. Trying to make Nakano to give me some more money but failed the persuasion attempt. But they gave me a boat with autopilot, to bad it only goes in one direction. To Far Harbor. So obviously I choose to go to Far Harbor and a cutscene kicks in, the screen fades to black and a new cutscene plays where I arrive to some kind of pier swept in darkness and fog. On the pier there was two persons standing: "Welcome to Ravenrock!" the first one said. "We don't like outsiders!" said the second one. Then someone came running telling them that the bulwark was under attack! "Help us defend the bulwark and I will tell you everything!" the first speaker yelled as she ran towards the wall. Was I really playing Skyrim? Thought this was Fallout 4. Oh, I obviously misheard, the first speaker actually said "Welcome to Far Harbor." The second speaker did in fact tell me they didn't like outsiders. Then someone came running telling us that something was coming and I had to help defend the wall. No ashspawn, but some kind of gigantic salamanders or something. Anyway, the fight was quite hard, my gun spit fire in all directions and the lizards fell one by one. Someone started throwing Molotovs causing more damage to the defenders than to the attackers. Eventually we managed to drive the attackers off and things settled. I could finally ask my questions about Kasumi Nakano, the daughter of the fisherman I had promised to help. Turns out she had passed through Far Harbor some time ago but she supposedly left for Acadia, a synth settlement. My best bet was to find Old Longfellow who could help me find the Nakano girl. But before that, I need to get some better equipment and build some kind of base for myself. So I start exploring the surroundings and finds out the following. If the wasteland is dangerous, Far Harbor is even more dangerous with it's radioactive fog that lurks every where. I'm using my RadX and RadAway's fast. And then when you least expect it you get rushed by ghouls or even worse. In a pond I found some frog-like creature that spit fire. I didn't stay around to see what it was, I just ran! Exploring the closest area around Far Harbor settlement gave me a huge pile of junk, some minor weapons and a combat shotgun. That might come in handy. I went to the weapons workbench in Allen Lee's shop to modify my weapons a bit. Turns out I don't have access to the better mods, I need Gun Nut perk 2 or maybe even 3 to get something useful. I check Allen Lee's shop to see if he has any better guns, he kind of has but none that I want to use. I walk over to the general store but finds nothing useful there either. I'm heading out of the settlement again following the water to the right (kind of north in direction?). Suddenly someone is shooting at me. Turns out there is some kind of small camp up ahead. 3 characters are storming my position. Lucky for me I am a better shooter than they are! I quickly dispatch them and get some ammo, lesser weapons, caps and supplies as a reward. I start to feel rich!

HITMAN – Elusive Target #10

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Elusive target number ten, in Paris. Number 2 for me. A quite well familiar map by now. Interestingly enough the target moves over the whole map, except for the basement. This means there are a lot of good opportunities for the hit. I must admit that I spent quite some time stalking my prey, trying to figure out the best place. The garden looked promising, I could just lay in ambush and cap her from the small park and get away within seconds. Or I could let her enter the building and let her walk up the first stair in her path and then drop a chandelier on her. Or I could drop a chandelier on her in Dalia Margolis office, or push her off the balcony. But that would not be so subtle since everyone would see me doing it. I could wait for her to join the party, lure her bodyguards away and choke her on the other balcony and hide her in the dresser. I choose another option. This game does not support the fibre wire so much, the weapon I prefer. If I was to use it I would have to subdue her body guards and that would take time and double the risk since I would need to get all the timing absolutely right. Since you really only have one try I thought I should do something else. I started at the main entrance, ran iside, to the toilet where the IAGO invitation is, picked it up. Ran out to the outside bar, past it and up to the guards where you get to show the IAGO invitation to get into the big hall with the two stairs in each end. Instead of approaching the guards at the bottom of the floor, where you show the invitation a second time, I continued through the hall towards the two "outside" guards. I hit right and picked up the fire extinguisher and went through the double doors and closed them behind me. Then I dropped the fire extinguisher as in the picture above and hid behind the other set of doors leading into the diorama. Then I just waited for the target to come. I shot the fire extinguisher right as she turned around the corner, two times until it exploded. This netted me Explosion Kill, Accident Kill, Unnoticed Kill. The guards would rush around the corner leaving the small corridor empty so I could sneak into the stairwell and go down to the kitchen and from where I would sneak out through the catacombs. Silent Assassin, Suit Only. Placed me at rank 456 so obviously it wasn't the most time efficient way. But I think it was kind of sneaky!

Fallout 4 DLC’s #2 Towards Far Harbor

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And how do I get Far Harbor started then? First I had to break into Kelloggs house and then follow Dogmeat around while tracking Kellog. I left Dogmeat at the pond where you find the cigar and headed back to Diamond City, right outside Diamond City the new radio station popped up. Listening to it started the quest I had worked so hard to get. Yes, I spent almost a day and half trying to get where I was. and finally, I had it. So back into Diamond City, running to Nicks office and talking to Ellie to get the quest going. I found out I need to get to the north east corner of the map, which is a considerable distance away. I made my preparations very carefully, made sure I was only carrying the essential stuff like food, water, healing supplies and ammunition. I left Diamond City at first light and headed east on the streets. My plan was to try to go first straight to the east, kind of towards Park Street Station again. And then from there continue a block or two before heading north. This part of the streets are empty since I cleared them out on my way to Park Street Station but beyond that, I could clearly see trouble. I think I reached about a block past Park Street Station before I was waylaid by raiders and shot dead. Restart from Diamond City. New tactics. I should try to take a bridge to the north a bit earlier. so I went north from Diamond City and then turned right as I reached the river. I soon bumped into some raiders that I quickly dispatched. I continued towards one of the bridges, but there I found some heavy resistance. 2 super mutants guarding the bridge, that was not part of my plan. I had ran into super mutants earlier a few times and I've only killed one but died multiple times due to their superior hit points. Two super mutants was out of the question, even if they hadn't spotted me. So I ran further east in hopes of finding another bridge. I found one containing raiders and some kind of fortifications, that didn't feel like a very good option either. I went further east and got rushed by 3 mongrels. 2nd restart from Diamond City. I took my original path to Park Street Station again. Somewhere along the way I made a earlier right turn and found myself in front of HalluciGen Inc. building. There I found myself a new helmet and patrolman sunglasses. So I guess I'm now a bit better equipped for the wasteland. I rushed as a fast I could through the streets until I came way east, to the last bridge but to my harm the bridge is raised in a way so I cannot jump over the gap. I have plenty, or at least 4 RadAway's so a short swim should not be to dangerous for me. I plunged into the water and quickly got to the other side. Finally I was on the right side of the damned river. Feeling familiar with the surroundings I quickly found my way to Bunker Hill and paid for a bed, just to make a save just to be on the safe side. Did some trading, bought some extra purified water and then I left the safety of Bunker Hill behind me to continue on my path to the north east and the Nakano house. I walk to the north east until I reach that strip of land that turns into a bridge with a diner on it. You know, the place where the mirelurks are. I made it into the diner before the mirelurks popped out of the ground, which almost made me run right into the laser trap in there, I saw it in the last second. Then I had to fight the mirelurks. They are mean bastards but I eventually made it over the bridge without getting killed. Pushing forward I eventually entered more super mutant territory but managed to sneak by without getting noticed. I also came upon County Crossing settlement but didn't feel it was useful for me to stop there. I followed the road for a while before spotting some super mutants up ahead around a building. I even heard the foreboding *beep beep beep* from a super mutant suicide bomber. Yeah, I gave that place a wide berth to avoid sad moments for me. Instead I ran into those blasted blood bugs and nearly died because of them. I healed up and walked on. Avoided everything living when I could and eventually I reached the marina that is just south of Hub City Auto Wreckers and found myself standing toe to toe with the first deathclaw this time around! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! Luckily for me I have some mean skills in jumping on rocks and such so I managed to kind of get away from the deathclaw. While trying to escape it I had been running a north and was very close to the Hub City Auto Wreckers and the gunners in there started to fire at the deathclaw. I watched the ongoing battle between the deathclaw and the gunners and their defense turrets for a while but then decided to sneak away. I did not want to get involved in a fight I could possibly not win. Had I've been of a higher level with better equipment I would maybe give it a go, but as a level 11 character I could see no point in it. with about 2/3 of the way to the Nakano estate covered I didn't want to loose more time, or risk anything either since I hadn't had the chance to save for a while. I started walking north again and could soon see The Museum of Witchcraft in the distance. On my way towards it I came upon a small shelter with a fire and a bed. Perfect! I moved closer and saw someone around the fire. I draw my weapon again, being ready for what ever but the figure seemed friendly. And familiar. Turned out to be my old buddy Skinny Malone. He wasn't to happy to see me, everything went south since I turned up he said. Oh well, it's not my fault he kept bad company. I decided it was time to save now.

Fallout 4 DLC’s #1 Getting Started

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While waiting for the next episode of HITMAN is released or a Elusive Target is announced I decided to once again take on the role as the lone wanderer. I bought the Season Pass on Steam, downloaded the game, started it up for the first time since early January this year and then I realized it, I can't play this game unless I mod it. Once you've played a game with mods, there is no going back to basic. So I spent like 1½ day with installing and trying out mods that I wanted just to make the game "playable" for me. Yes, yes, I know, I can't make a better game myself but at least I can make the game better with the help of others, right? Said and done. Finally things was setup like I wanted it and I could start the game, for real this time. And this time I'm going to try the Survival mode which was released around when I quit playing. This means I need to be more careful than I use to be, plan my trips accordingly. Avoid enemies that's much tougher than me and so on. And suddenly I can only save upon sleep. I get weak from not eating, drinking and sleeping. I can get sick from the environment, I can get sick from chems. The world truly seems hostile this time around. My tactics to battle the wasteland and all it's perils should be to be good at small fire arms, I think I will pick lone wanderer skill, lock picking, some basic computer science and I think I will try to have some sneak and to pick something from the endurance tree as well. Picture below is my S.P.E.C.I.A.L. So here I am, the lone wanderer and I don't really feel like doing all Preston Garvey's settlement quests, but I do want to try out the new settlement options. I'm not so sure I want to try out Automatron because I hated those when I met them. What I really want to do however is the Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC's and see what they are about. What is my first move? Where should I go? What should I do? All I know is that I died on my first encounter with a rad roach in Sanctuary. So I had to restart. New approach. Codsworth has to be my ally, hes moving in the wrong direction though. Oh well. My first day in the wasteland ended quite well anyway. I scrapped some stuff, improved my gun a bit, found some stuff around Sanctuary that proved to be useful. Built myself a small shack on the roof of the house where the workbench is. Second day I made a trip to Red Rocket truck stop station and Concord until I reached the museum where Preston Garvey told me to pick up the laser musket. I refused. So now Preston sits there, held up in the museum. He can save his own settlements from now on! Third day I decided I should make a run for it and get to Diamond City. Somehow I got lost and ended up in Bunker Hill instead. Had to spend the night there. Well, I also sold off some of my stuff to increase my carrying capacity. The next day I managed to get to Diamond City, did some work there to earn some cash. Turns out that getting money in Fallout 4 ain't that hard even on Survival Mode. I had enough to buy Home Plate the day after. Next step should be to find Nick Valentine so I made sure to carry as little as possible and then started to make my way to Park Street Station to find Nick. I got as far as to Hybris Comics because I remembered that was a cool place! So I enter and walk around for a bit until I get swarmed by ghouls and dies. Restart from Diamond City. Sneak back to Hybris Comics. Enter again, take it slow and kill the ghouls as they come. Continue slow until I reach the top floor and get's killed by the radioactive ghoul. Restart from Diamond City again. Sneak back again. Do it all over again. And now I'm almost encumbered. so back to Diamond City, unload, sell stuff and so on. And I realize it will probably be dark before I reach Park Street Station so I decide to stay in the relative safety that is Diamond City. At least I got the time to buy some supplies like antibiotics since I get sick all the time. New day, new opportunities like the lone wanderer would have said. I make a quick dash for Park Street Station and this time I avoid all distractions and run through the doors and get's greeted by Skinny Malones men. I let them meet their maker in a quick manner. Maybe it's time for me to start using V.A.T.S.? Anyway, I make my way down through the old underground station and quickly reaches the door to Vault 114. I even manage to get through most of the vault without any troubles before I meet Nick. It's when we meet Skinny Malone things gets hard. Lucky for me, I found a bed and slept in it before so if I would get killed, I would not have to do it all over again! Had to do a trial run with Skinny Malone and failed miserably. So I went for my other option, charm and that worked better. I made him dump his girl and then me and Nick ran for the door. We more or less ran all the way back to Diamond City to be honest and that's where I am right now. From here, my plan is to start Far Harbor and we'll see what happens next!

Hitman – Bangkok: Club 27 – How I made it! *Spoiler Alert*

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My initial idea was to get Jordan Cross flying out the window, just like he did with that girl. So I started up the opportunity where that is possible and had him throw Ken Morgan out the window, then I threw a coin at the window to have him move closer and then I threw him out. Only problem is, that required me to change outfit 2 times which will not result in a SA/SO. So I had to re-think. Which means I more or less figured out different ways to strangle Jordan Cross instead. The easiest way is probably to lure him into his own bathroom when he's on his way to the place where he calls his father. Or when he's inside the "singing box". Both feel dull. I still want him to fly. So I started experimenting, took me more or less the better part of the day to figure it out. Ken Morgan proved to be tricker. Poisoning him is way to easy and you'll get a body found which negates the Silent Assassin. Throwing coins all around the place to lure his bodyguard away works, but the places where this works are limited and you're easily spotted by random NPC's. And there's not too many hiding places for his body either unless you throw it over the rail. I liked the coconut feat, it have some comedy in it as well so I was thinking I should do something with that. Since I've already killed both Cross and Morgan with coconuts before I know the modus operandi. Poison the food with emetic poison, wait for him to throw up and then shot down the coconuts on him. Problem solved. This is doable down in the lobby, there are some spots where you won't be noticed but the risk for getting the "Suspicious" status is high down here. I began playing and doing these two things togheter but it took quite some time, it actually took me 31 minutes to get everything how I wanted it. And 31 minutes is not a great time if you consider the leaderboards. I don't care much about my placement on the leaderboards, but obviously this should be doable in an easier way and someone should have figured it out somehow. So I checked on Youtube and found this: HITMAN - Bangkok - SA/SO - Coconut + Push which is basicly my idea but refined in some parts (and not so smooth in others). I also learned that you can shoot through the glass on the roof. That's neat! Anyway, here's my way to stardoom. Same rules as always, suit only, start at orignal location. I started with my new gun, some unlocked gun from this level, coins and emetic poison. I start by running up the stairs, turning right towards teh kitchen where Ken Morgan tastes the food. Poison the first plate he's going to taste (from the right it's number 4) and then I run back to the lobby, up the stairs to the right and up to the floor where your room is. Opposite side of the room is a hallway that leads to double doors that leads onto the roof. Sneak through them and mind the camera above you. Hug the wall all the way down until you reach the reelings and can look down at the pier. Now turn around and pay attention to the window and the map. Hopefully if you didn't take to long, Ken Morgan should be on his way to the kitchen where he samples the food or even better, he's on his way to throw up in the bin. Have a look at the picture, if you shoot here, you will hit the coconuts that will kill him. One down, one more to go. By the way, that's my new gun. And yeah, I copied his idea here, shooting the coconuts through the window. Sneak back hugging the wall, there is another camera above the other set of doors. Sneak back to the middle until you reach the first corner of the raised up windows. You should see two handymen chatting, wait until one of them leaves and then cross the roof behind the remaining handyman. Cross the roof and aim towards the left and the double doors on the opposite side. If you took the right doors, you should end up in the part of the hotel where there are 2 guys laying on the floor. Sneak past them and mind the guy on the other side of the corridor, he will probably walk over to the room and stand and look down, sneak behind him into the room where the guys talking about the package and Julian is. You need to sneak into the other room, not the bathroom, the other room where there is a balcony. In the video above the guy in there is knocked down, I didn't do that. I just sneak behind him and climbing up, which requires some timing so he doesn't see you. Climb up the drain pipe and vault the balcony. Sneak inside. Here comes the tricky part! In my own solution I managed to lure the two NPC's away by throwing stuff all over the place and then there is a high risk of getting other NPC's involved, which you don't want. And it might require some saving and loading which becomes tideous in the end. But this is where I spent most time the last time. I decided to do like the guy in the videa though, knock those two out and leave them in the bathroom. Then I just lure Jordan Cross towards the window and push him over the reeling. Easpy peasy. Then you slide back down to the baclony below, make sure the guy in the room doesn't see you, sneak back through the other room when everyone is watching the telly or whatever, sneak back through the corridor, sneak back over the roof avoiding the cameras and NPC's up there, in through the doors and then just leg it down to the pier. Silent Assassin and Suit Only. So far I think this is the best bet. But there's probably someone smarter out there who made it much more easy. 🙂    

Hitman – Bangkok: Club 27

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Here I am with a cup of coffee, the most important cup of coffee to be honest. The first one right after breakfast. I guess that if I was a smoker, this would probably be a good time to have a cigarette. I've just started up Hitman, logged in and so on. I'm watching the screen and it says that I'm about 19.5/20 Mission Mastery and that got me thinking. I've have not had any reflections of the level at all. I just got on with it after doing some escalations and contracts right after finishing Marrakesh. And then, when most challanges/feats was done it hit me. A wall. I could not get any further with the challanges. And it was challenges like "I Cry If I Want To" or "Tuppence a Wish", the latter I renamed in my head to "Tuppence a Bitch" because however I aimed, where ever I was standing, I could not get it to work. I kind of rage-restarted to find more coins, and then I had it with the first 3 coins thrown. WHAT THE EFFF? Yeah, I had to look at the internet to figure those two out, the elephants I had no clue at all what to do. Anyway, there ought to be a hotel map sometime in this Hitman game. And when you get it, you get a huge hotel to fool around in. A hotel full of opportunities that screams for your attention. Both opportunities provided in the game and oppertunities you make up yourself. The hotel itself is divided into 4 areas I would say plus the outdoors front and back. The outdoors front are public, but when you walk around the back is sealed off with a guarded entrance and you're generally not allowed there unless you have a fitting disguise. The hotel then, except for the lobby and bar/restaurant area which is public there are two wings, wing A and B. You have a room in wing B on the second floor and you're allowed in this area, but upstairs is the queen suite and the emperor suit of wing B where you're not allowed, but of course there are ways to get there. Wing A is sealed off, the bottom floor for pest control and the other floors belongs to Jordan Cross and his entourage which mostly consists of recording crew members, his manager, Dexy Barrat and Wes the producer. The last area is the basement of the hotel where the hotel staff mostly linger, certainly no guests are allowed down there.  The whole level feels designed to host the perfect murder, you just need to get the victim to the perfect spot and execute the perfect crime. And this is where the Opportunities comes in. Because honestly, some of the best ways to get access to both Ken Morgan and Jordan Cross is by the opportuities. Problem is, they require you to get a disguise one way or another which invalidates the SA/SO option. I just wish there was some more use of the front of the hotel more than just a nice view of the river! And maybe it is here the escalations and contracts come into play. The bar on the outside, the restaurant, the dock, all these places have some interesting vantage points and I would love to see them beeing used one way or another. Since the release of the 5th episode has been announced I kind of feel the preassure to finish this mission now. I still have some challanges to do, there are some feats to unlock and so on. I still havn't figured out the perfect murder yet, but I have an idea for an offer of membership in the famous Club 27 for Jordan Cross and a suitable retirementplan for Ken Morgan. Hang in there! Pun intended!

The Night Manager

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Vaccation is over, needed a break from playing games so I started to watch a serie called The Night Manager based on the novel by John Le Carré. I saw the advertisement on the telly some weeks ago and noted the name down, thought it had some potential. Time goes by, I forget, then I suddenly remembers and starts watching it. I won't say whats it about, I rather quote IMDB.com instead. It kind of says is all:
The night manager of a Cairo hotel is recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer's inner circle.
Starring no others than Dr. House (Hugh Laurie), Sophie (Olivia Coleman) from the english comedy Peep Show and Tom Hiddleston of course from The Avengers for example. Overall, a great show, perfect mix of spy/romance/action and entertaining. You want to know what happends next. Totally worth it, 7 hours is all it takes.

Hitman Unlocks

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A word about the unlocks in this game. They seem to be a controversial topic on the forums, many hate them, many loves them. Myself, I feel a bit caught in the middle. some of the unlocks are nice, but some are just plan silly. My guess is that they are to be viewed as something funny rather than something really usefull. I can see that the dagger, Janbiya have a connection to the Marrakesh level since it's an arabic dagger but it really does feel out of place. Not so "Hitmanish" if you say so. Same goes for Nna Obaras machete which I can't really find any real connection to Hitman either. The combat knife makes perfectly sense though, since it belongs in a hitmans arsenal. Next there are some weapons, now I am no expert on weapons mind you, but I did serve a year in the Swedish military and got to know a good bunch of them that way. Based on that I think some of the SMG's and assualt rifles look corny. I guess that also applies for the shotguns but I don't really care about that because I never equip those weapons anyway. I think I would prefer a system where you unlock customization options instead for weapons and that you for every mission you complete will recieve an amount of money, or maybe rather like in Absolution, that you will have to complete contracts to be able to buy the upgrades/customizations for you weapons instead of unlocking them by completing various challenges in the mission. I think that would create better incentives for people to actually play the contracts as well. And now over to the Explosives section. The section I actually like the most in some ways because here is the stuff I use mostly. In Contracts and Escalations that is. Except for the various poison types. And maybe the Pale Duck. I like the ducks because there is a connection to previous Hitman games in those. I remember for sure that there was a challenge in Hitman Sniper Challenge to shoot rubber ducks, but I think there might be rubber ducks in earlier games too. Not sure about that. The rubberducks are usefull since they are not viewed as weapons by NPC's, but throwing or dropping them will draw attention. I kind of prefer the normal "mines" though. The Iconator is corny, it's ridiculus in it's own way but as it is an item from a bonus mission I also think it's a good reward in such way that it is not something "game changing", it's just a fun thing to get rather than something that gives an edge over others. There's some fairness in that reward. The breaching charge was something I had totally missed but I actually got to use it in the Elusive Target #9 mission. Except for that, I'm not so sure about the usefullness of it unless you're going for extreme speed runs. The phone is somewhat nice too, I can see a lot of usage for it if you want to kill someone by explosion. When looking at some of the unlocks, and I'm thinking mostly of the SMG/assult rifle/shotguns I see the various stuff you can find in games like Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO, colorfull weapons, paper hats and ridiculus swords. I have a hard time seeing 47 in a paperhat wiedling a sword with a red camo-assult rifle on the back. It just don't feel like it belongs in the Hitman games. Now, I'm not a hater, but I really hope the rest of the unlocks have some taste and dignity. I know there is a gold coin to unlock in the Bangkok mission, question is, is it just a replacement for the normal coins or are there any other use for it? We'll see when I finally unlocks it!