Fallout 4: Settlements

The evolution of the lone wanderers home. The beginning of a new era. I've been on a lot of places, but no where is like home! Sanctuary Hills Taffington Boathouse I found this to be a very interesting place with a lot of potential, but also a challenge since the best spot is pre-built. How to use it to the max? Oberland Station Nothing fancy, just a small guard outpost. There's supposed to be a guard on the roof as well but 50% of the time they seem to end up below the guardpost instead. Home Plate Since Home Plate is pre-built you are left with the decoration and this is what I have managed so far. A display area for collectibles like magazines and bobbleheads and then just something to hide the work bench. About one third of the area I can't figure out what to do with. I store a billard table and a stolen Power Armour there.

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